One Summer

Bella Quinn just turned 18 and is super excited to have freedom. She immediately takes a summer trip with 3 of her good friends to a hotel near a beach in California. Bella knows that there will be plenty of good looking boys who will come across her path, but what she doesn't know is how hard she'll fall for one.


4. Spin The Bottle

"What are we doing today, ladies?" Aubrey asks as she sits down at the table with a bowl of Cheerios. 

"Well, I was talking to this guy on the beach yesterday and he invited me to his party tonight. Wanna go?" Kylie says while texting someone. 

"Yeah, that sounds like fun!" Ashlyn agrees. 

"I'm in." I say. 

"I don't know… last time you guys talked me into a party I almost cheated on my boyfriend!" Aubrey says innocently. 

"So?" Kylie says. 

"Come on, if you don't have any alcohol this time you should be fine." I say before picking up my bowl and dumping my extra milk into the sink. 

"Okay, fine."


"is everyone ready?" Kylie asks as we all check eachother out. Kylie's wearing a super tight low cut crop top with an Aztec pattern, light denim cut off shorts, and white vans. Ashlyn is wearing a grey low cut shirt from 'guess', super super short shorts, and black wedges because she's short. Aubrey is wearing a loose flowy tank top thats longer in the back than in the front. She also has on high waisted shorts and black flats. As for me, I go with a loose crop top from 'Pink' with a bandeau underneath, short cut off shorts, and grey vans. 

We all decided to curl our hair and do our makeup the same. It's been awhile since I've been to a party. No guys are even going to look at me because of my stupid nose bandage that makes me look like a mummy. Oh well. 


We arrive at the venue which turns out to be a huge mansion with a huge pool and a huge hot tub. When we walk in the door, Kylie immediately spots the guy who invited her yesterday. 

"Hope you don't mind I brought my friends." She smiles and gives him a hug. 

"Not a problem at all." He says, looking us up and down. This guy is extremely good looking and kinda looks like Taylor Lautner. "Whaddup with your nose?" 

"Um, I broke it." I say awkwardly. He chuckles a bit. 

"I dig clumsy girls." He winks which makes Kylie furious. She suddenly grabs onto his arm and gets really clingy with him. 

"The music is loud. Why don't we go dance?" She stands super close to him, pressing her overly exposed cleavage against his chest. 

"O-ok." He says, drooling. 

Immediately after that, a guy who must be in his mid twenties approaches us. 

"You guys look sober. Here." He hands each of us a red plastic cup full of beer. 

"No thanks." Aubrey returns hers. 

"You have to! It's a party!" He pushes it back in her face and stumbles off into the crowd of people. Aubrey looks at with with a disgusted expression, but takes a small sip anyway. 


i gulp down my fifth cup of beer and I'm feeling pretty dizzy. Suddenly, someone calls out "SPIN THE BOTTLE!" And at least 30 people rush over to play. I sit next to Ash and some guy while Aubrey and Kylie are on the opposite side of the circle. 

"Here are the rules." A tall muscular guy stands up in the middle of the circle. "Everyone has to go. If the bottle lands on someone of the same gender as you, you still have to kiss them. There's thirty people in this game. On every tenth spin, the couple has to do a little more than kissing if you know what I mean." Everyone whistles and giggles. The guy sits back in the circle and goes first. He gets some slutty girl. 

12 more people go before it's Kylie's turn. She spins it carefully and lands on a pretty girl a few spaces away from me. "Noooo!" She shouts. She laughs a little and crawls over to the girl on her knees. I can tell she's totally wasted by the way she kisses her. It's sloppy and gross and I'm hoping I don't have to kiss a girl. 

Aubreys turn arrives and she lands on a familiar guy. Dan. 

I didn't notice he was here until now. She walks over to him and gives him a slow, shy kiss. Is it wrong that I'm jealous? 

It feels like forever until my turn comes. I get up and walk to the center of the circle where the bottle is. I spin it carefully and pray that I won't get a girl or Dan. 

Please don't get Dan. Please don't get Dan. Please. 

The bottle lands on…… [cliffhanger :P]

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