I owe you


1. Misfortune

I paused in front of a lamp post by the bus stop, desperately trying to balance my phone between my shoulder and ear as I pulled on my boots. "AHHHH!" My best friend in the world, Isobel Halifax, "I can't believe one direction are coming to our school! Are you as exited as I am?" She couldn't stop giggling. "Probably not, besides I don't don't know what you see in them." As soon I finished speaking, Izzy let out a little gasp."Lilly?" Isobel started to sound more serious and even though I couldn't see her face, I could tell her smile had faded. "Olly rang me last night... He said he was sorry but then started yelling at me and told me to go die...." My hands clenched into fists. No one was going hurt my best friend. "If he ever tries to lay a finger on you, I'll rip them off and burn him to stake before he reaches you! Kay see you at school!" I could still hear her fangirling over the five boys, as I hung up. She was practically my own little sister. A slick black sports car was parked in front me and I couldn't help but check my reflection. Hey! Don't judge, I was checking my appearance because today I HAD to look presentable, no not because one direction was visiting, but because for my music assessment we are having someone come in to help assess who is apparently 'big' in the industry. I had my hair loose but two strips of hair from each side had been plaited and been pinned to the opposite side to look like a headband. My hair had also been transformed into my old, hazelnut, waist length, wavy hair.I had woken up early today so I had time to apply some black pencil eyeliner that would bring out my green eyes that a slight hazel colour around the pupil. Luckily my school said we didn't have to wear school uniform since it was too warm so I wore a pair of dark navy blue high waist shorts and a white vest that had red stripes crossing horizontally. Isobel wouldn't shut up about how much I reminded her of a boy in the band. I think his name was Louis but I'd always call him Louise or Louisa. On my feet, I had military styled boots while slung across my shoulder was my messenger bag that had a print of the old marvel comics. I finally decided I look quite cute and I could already hear Josh going 'DAYUM GIRL!' I smiled to myself before I notice the car window was opening. Shit.

A boy about two or three years older then me, with brown curly hair and emerald eyes.It hit me at the same time as his smirk hit me. He was Harry Styles! I stared at him for what felt like hours but not with a face of admiration or surprise, more of a face of shame, disappointment and horror. Harry Stlyes (and undoubtedly the other boys were there) just saw me staring into the car windows reflection, clueless that anyone was there, too vain to notice is what they probably thought. I was about to speak but fortunately the bus had pulled up to the stop as I hurtled myself towards the door. My aunt would be yelling at me 'A lady does not run in public like a maniac who just killed someone!' If she was here. Before I climbed in, I spun my head to see if they were still there. Louise, I mean Louis had his head stuck out of the car and was waving frantically at me. What was his problem. Sadly the school bus didn't come my way so I had to pay for the public bus. I thanked the bus driver as he passed the ticket to me. I was actually thanking him for saving me from that awkward situation. I decided to spend my breaks in the school recording studios to practice and avoid the band. The bus journey was long and tedious, especially since the old man sitting next to me thought it would be a good idea and kind idea to share his cold with me. In fact I was only one who got the lucky chance to have his cold as he seemed tough and sneeze specifically on me. (Sarcasm).

When I stepped off the bus, I flung my arms out and inhaled as much fresh air as possible. Bad mistake. The old mans cold had come quicker then I thought as I had a coughing fit that caused me to lean against someone. I looked up to see who I was leaning on after an Irish accent spoke "You alright?...I thought it was you!" My face was blind my sun but when my eyes adjusted to the light I saw a blonde hair boy with sparkling blue eyes. Niall Horan...I thought I had escaped them already. Again I was saved , this time by a wave of screams. Thousands of girls were running towards us so I took the opportunity to run to find Isobel. Without looking behind, I was at the school entrance in no time. Of course I had to be awkward in front of one direction, that's just my luck.

Finally I found Isobel with our usual group by the lockers. Our group consisted of me, Isobel, Toni (Antonnia), Hollie, Eve, Harriet, George, Max, Isabel and Lara. We had other friends in our group but these guys meant the most to me. Isobel smiled and waved as I opened my locker and took out my book.,"Hows things with Olly," I lowered my voice so only she could hear me "Has he said anything else?" I whispered concerned. She raked her delicate hand through her hair. Recently her blonde, long hair was cut into something that made her look like a version of tinkle bell without the bun. I was jealous of how drop dead gorgeous she was. "It's fine don't worry about it..." she mumbled trying hard to place a smile on her face. "Really?" I asked again. She again replied with the same answer so I just accepted it. "Lilly!" George and Max had wrapped me into into one of their legendary bear hugs, no one could give them better. "Lilly, did you hear about Olly and Isobel?" I stared at them blankly, how did they know, I thought Isobel was going to keep it a secret. "Yeah, I asked he if she was okay, she said she was fine but I didn't believe her. She's been through so much but has never asked us of anything while we ask her for so much from her. We really do owe her!" They both nodded in agreement. George had dark skin and dark chocolate eyes. He also had really sharp features that distracted you from the big scar leading his right eye to his chin. I never knew what happened but I didn't think he would appreciate me priving into his personal life. Max on the other hand was small and bony, with a nearly afro of caramel hair which, when in the right lighting, would accentuate his rich, dark blue eyes. Before I realized it was time for assembly so we could welcome our 'special guests'.

We sat in class order so the oldest home room class would sit at the very back at the top, this was my class. Unfortunately when I sat at the back, I mean the very back. You can't even see the people in front of you because of all the wires and lights dangling in your face, there wasn't even any seats on this row, you had to either stand for an hour or kneel till your knees go to sleep. "Girls now for the time you've been waiting for-" A glass breaking chorus of screeching was let loose as I decided to lean back next to fire exit door. SLAM! I reopened my eyes to pain and darkness "I'm blind!" I yelped before getting whacked in the arm by Harriet. I quickly realized that my eyes were still closed so I opened to just make out everyone looking at me, one direction included. Courtney had apparently 'accidentally' opened the door to leave to get her bag but didn't see me. Yeah right, ever since I became friends with Isobel, she's been trying to make my life a living hell. My hand was still covering my nose and mouth. After releasing it, I could see blood stained on it. I'd bitten into my tongue so hard that my tongue had a thick slit in it while nose had started bleeding. Badly. Before I knew it George was guiding me quickly out of the hall. Unfortunately, this meant we had go all the way down and pass the whole school since the fire exits door sets an alarm throughout the school. How did Courtney even open that door? George had one arm around me, protectively, while the other held both of my hands together.

Nialls P.O.V. There she was again. For some reason we keep bumping into her, obviously at her worst times. She kind of reminds me of Louis, with her stripy shirt and even though she hasn't been smiling much as we've seen her but she has a sort of aura that matches Louis. I don't think that's the last time we'll see her.

Harry's P.O.V. I didn't like the way that guy was holding her.

LOUIS P.O.V. Today is not her day huh. Good thing we're here to make her much more happier.

Isobel P.O.V. As soon as George was taking Lilly out of the hall I began to chase after them. "Li-" Someone has stopped me by using their strong arm. Please be a member of one direction! I chanted to myself. To my disappointment, it was only my home room teacher. "I need to get her!" I wined. "Go back to your seat Isobel." He spoke sternly "But!-" He glared at me so I trudged up the stairs back to my seat.

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