I owe you


7. Chapter 7

Louis' P.O.V. 

I held Lilly for quite a while, not wanting to disturb the moment by saying anything. So she felt the sparks for sure, that's great. I knew it couldn't have just been me who feels that there's something between us, something more then friends, that is. "Louis?" When Lilly whispered my name my heart fluttered inside my chest. "What is it love?" I thought hugging her for this long would be awkward but it was oddly comforting. "You know we have two minutes to rehearse the play so we can do it off by heart, right?" Oh shit, I forgot. Never mind. "It'll be fine, want to go somewhere?" She pulled from the hug which made me feel hurt "But what about English?" She needs to loosen up a bit, maybe ditching school will help. "Would you be more willing if I said you were sick?" Lilly bit her lip in concentration then nodded eagerly. "Let's go!" I entwined our fingers together, taking us both back to English.

Niall's P.O.V.

Louis was with Lilly so I was stuck with Courtney. The play was about a couple finally forgiving each other for what they'd done in the past, Courtney took this opportunity to invade even more of my personal space like rubbing my chest, shoulders and torso. She tried to kiss me a few times but I carefully dodged them all. We had about two minutes left and so far we had done barely anything when Louis cheerfully burst through the door with Lilly, hand in hand. I looked around the room to see if anyone else noticed. A lot of girls were giving Lilly dirty looks but George and me were the only ones giving Louis the look. George must like Lilly too!

Lilly's P.O.V.

As we left the classroom, I could feel a million death glares burning through my soul. I bit my lip, concerned about skipping. "You're still worried aren't you? Do you not trust me?" I did trust him, I just was worried if we got caught so I just smiled up at him and we made our way to his surprise place. 

After about ten minutes of talking and walking, we arrived by the fair on the pier.

We spent four hours in the fair on the pier. Me and Louis really connected the whole time, telling him about my music, him telling me about his, me carefully avoiding talking about my parents, him willing to tell me about all his family. I was about to mount the steps to the Ferris wheel when my phone buzzed in my pocket, it was George. “Lilly? Lilly! Are you okay?! Where are you?!?” Why was he so panicked? Louis pulled me into the cart and I ended up on his lap staring up at him.  “Lilly?” George was still on the other end. “Hi George! Don’t worry, I went home but needed some fresh air,” George sighed with relief “ So Louis took me out.” Louis just simply looked into my eyes so I awkwardly sat up and moved to the other side of the seat, the furthest from him. George had become silent when I mentioned Louis’ name. “Oh, well maybe later I can come round to see if you’re better and maybe help out a little.” I didn't see any reason to protest besides my aunt and cousins were in Florida for a funeral, they would be staying there for two weeks.

I forgot to tell you about my family. Well I live with my aunt, her name is Jane Frey. She has short pitch black hair that used to cascade down to her waist but had it cut to just under her jaw line, with millions of freckles instead of tan, she looked a lot like my mum. The only way I resemble her was the eyes. She too had big green hazel eyes. Next was my eldest cousin, Nick. He was twenty three, slightly perverted, crazy but I still loved him (as a cousin). Nick had two big chocolate coated eyes, the type girls could just fall in love with. Some nights, when Jane was away, he’d sometimes bring girls home since he was too far away from his flat but I've yelled at him enough to get the message to him, I sometimes wonder what was going through that black haired head of his. Finally there was Annie, who was an exact replica of Jane. The only difference was Annie could be such an ass and bitch sometimes but isn't everyone sometimes.

“Sure, come to mine at six!” And with that we said our goodbyes. Louis was looking at me with a smirk but in his eyes I could see something but it wasn't that clear. “Why are you so far away? I’m cold and lonely!” He whimpered, pouting loudly. “Yes, yes you are!” I chuckled at how much he was trying to pout. I eventually gave in and started to move closer him. He at the same had decided to spring to my side for a surprise. BANG! We both slammed against each other, my forehead banging into his shoulder. “I’m so sorry Lilly, are you okay?” He sounded so worried. I looked up at him and nodded when he held up my face close to his. “Where did I hurt you?” I felt like a little kid. “Here.” I pointed my index finger to my forehead. As soon as I pointed, he pressed his lip against the pained area while the butterflies in my stomach started to fly madly about. “Ready for round two?” He whispered into my ear. Round two? When did the first round even happen? What even happened? More importantly, what was going to happen? Louis tilted my chin up and directed his face to my lips, leaning even closer. Our lips were about to touch before I backed up to the edge of the cart. I could see Louis was hurt and all I wanted to do was hug and kiss him but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I felt like I was cheating on someone. “I’m sorry Loui-“ He quickly placed his hand onto my mouth to shut me up. “It’s okay, probably for the best. I mean, once you  go Louis, you never go back!” I felt sorry so I sat extra close to him, resting my head on his chest, his arm wrapped tightly around my shoulder throughout the whole time of the fair. Before we parted to say our goodbyes, Louis blurted out "I wanna go to your house!" WHAT?!? If I invite him home he might get the wrong idea and might try to get me into bed with him. "George will be there so it's not like anything could happen!" I sighed and hesitated before replying. "Fine, but I'm sick remember?" I flashed him a cheeky grin and he took hold of my hand, our fingers entwining.


I know it's a short chapter but I'm sorry! ~Bizzy

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