I owe you


6. Chapter 6

Lilly's P.O.V.                                                                                                                                                   Niall spent the twenty minutes of practice with me and was actually really helpful. He also sung along with me, our voices harmonizing perfectly together. Eventually my music teacher (Mr. Oakley) came up to me, signalling that it was time for my test behind him stood a man call Paul. Of course, he was One Direction manager so he would have to be here. "Maybe I can hang out with you today, wait here." Niall whispered before heading over to Paul. They talked for a bit then Niall came back with a wide triumphant grin on his face. "Looks like you'll be with me at lunch!" He took my hand and led me out of the music room. A giggle slipped out of my mouth as we ran through the school to the doors, Niall humming the tune of their song 'I would'. "Where are you staying?" I disrupted him in the chorus. "We've rented a place near here, by the retirement home, we thought it would be easier there." I lived by there too but for some reason I stopped myself from telling him. "I'm guessing you live near there too!" He merrily sung "Huh? How did you know?" Was he a mind reader? "Well we saw you by the bus stop next to our place." Oh yeah. "I live just down that street, by the bar." He nodded and led me out side onto the field but in the middle of a group of clustered trees by the side. I kept getting caught of twigs and leaves but successfully made it to the center with out being scarred. 

We spent the lunch break chatting and laughing about everything and anything, like we had known each other for years. When there was nothing left to talk about we decided to play 'Would you rather?'. "Okay, Niall you first, ask me something!" He pulled a quizzical face before answering "Would you rather be bald for ever or... loose your sense of taste?" This was a tough one. Although, if I was bald I could wear hats and wigs. "I'd be bald forever because I can wear wigs and caps. I couldn't imagine a life without the taste of chocolate or Nandos!" His face suddenly lightened up. "You like Nandos?" Who doesn't like Nandos, it's one of the greatest places on earth "Of course I love Nandos, who doesn't? I used to go there all the time with my mum..." I frowned at the memory of me and my mum driving to Nandos, happily laughing like a family. "Why don't you go there anymore?" I didn't want to say why I didn't really go with her anymore. "My aunt won't let me go." I replied blankly, trying to push away the lump in my throat. "Why ask you aunt, ask your m- Oh... I'm sorry for your loss." His voice was so sincere. "She's not dead, she's just... Not with us anymore." My mum had left me when I was fourteen. She had this massive drug addiction and the authorities had threatened to take me out of her possession. On my fourteenth birthday, she came downstairs when I was unwrapping some presents. In one hand was her suitcase and in the other was her purse. I had asked her where she was going but all she did was walk out of the house I remember trying to get her to stay in the house but she wouldn't listen or talk. I spent the day confused and crying at what she had done. I rang my aunt who didn't know where my mum was either. I live with aunt Chelsea now, and it's okay to be honest.

I told Niall that she had left but that was it and I rushed off, my hand covering my mouth. I'm not going to cry! I wont! My dad had told me not to cry when I was upset. He also had left us, so I'm used to people leaving now. I needed to get somewhere like the bathroom but on my way there I was stopped my some red hair. "What's wrong, sad Niall rejected you? He's just feeling sorry for you. You don't actually think he cares for you do you?" I really wanted to punch her now but I couldn't. "Why are you even like this Courtney?" I tried to rush past her, the tears beginning to burn now. "Niall already said he loved me so just lay off skank!" He did?!? "Really? When?" I spat out. "I heard him fighting with Louis, over me he said 'Wrong! I don't like her, I love her!' so ha!" I heard that conversation earlier after Louis had kissed me. So Niall loved me... I smirked up at Courtney. "What are you smiling about? Finally found your junkie mum?" She really knew where to hit me but I continued to smirk anyway. "Nope, it's nothing." I burst out laughing, just to see her reaction. She was so absorbed in herself, she thought Niall and Louis were talking about her but in reality it was me. For the first time Courtney didn't get the guy! "You're seriously a maniac, like you're mum!" She must have been expecting people to laugh at what she said but it was just my luck that where we were was full mainly of people she bullied. They all simply ignored her. This time she repeated it louder. And louder. And even louder! Until someone, I think his name was Alex, came up to us, flinging his arm over my shoulder and laughed with me then patted me on the head as we left her there, stunned.

On my way to English, my mind kept flicking back to what Niall apparently said 'I love her' Did he really? I heard the conversation vaguely but he couldn't actually mean it. We've only known each other for a day, actually just roughly four hours! "Lilly!" Isobel and George chorused together. The sound of their voices brought me back down to reality. I joined them in a hug before we broke. "So how was your music test?" George asked. "It was good," should I really lie? "Although I didn't do it..." Both of their eyes widened angrily "Are you MAD?!? You've been preparing for ages and now you just don't even bother do it!?" George could be such a dad sometimes. "George is right Lilly, you're gonna be in big trouble, you know that right? Where were you at break then?!" They really were acting as protective as a parent. "Relax, I was just hanging out with some friends, besides, I asked the teacher if I could do the test tomorrow and he said it was fine." They didn't look too pleased with my answer but it did calm them down. "Sorry about over reacting. It's just, we know how much music means to you and we don't want you to fail it." George had both of his hand on my shoulders, his eye full of sincerity. "It's okay, now I think it's time for our lesson." We walked in and headed to our seats. Luckily, we got to choose our seats at the beginning of they year so I sat by the door, next to Isobel while in front of us was George and Josh. Josh could seem really annoying but he was George's friend so we didn't mind him that much.

We started to talk about the injections in year 8 and other medical things. The subject changed. Then changed. And changed again. We all then started quoting youtubers like Jenna Marbles, Smosh, Danisnotonfire and Pewdiepie, "It's not  called being gay... It's called being FABULOUS!" Josh yelled as we burst out laughing. Louis, Zayn and Niall walked into the class with a wave of screams. Louis smiled at me shyly, I returned the same smile and went back to our conversation. Isobel seemed a lot more quieter and when I looked at her, she was staring at Zayn, he was returning her actions. "Isobel, I know you're completely in love with Zayn but could you close your mouth, you're drooling on my English book." Her cheeks burned bright red and I just giggled at the sight of her trying to hide her face. "Oh Lilly, can I go with you if we're in partners?" I wasn't surprised by her eagerness for me to say yes, we were always partners and we've barely seen each other today. "Sure!" I beamed merrily at her. "Too bad..." I turned around and saw Niall leaning into our table. "Hi Niall!" Isobel still hadn't got over the fact that he was famous. "Hi Isobel, I'm sorry Lilly, about earlier." He didn't mean it and the way his adorable blue eyes locked into mine, I just had to forgive him, "It's fine, you're forgiven!" He smiled widely at me. "What happened earlier, Josh had seemed to join our conversation, along with George and Isobel. "Nothing happened." I instantly replied. Josh smirked mischievously "Sure..." I playfully whacked him in the arm.

In our lesson we were going to be reenacting a scene from a play written from a former student at the school, me and Lilly had promised to be partners but it had to be boy and girl. I was about to ask George but Louis was at my desk in a split second. "Hey love, want to be my partner" I nodded my head, was this going to be awkward? I didn't know what I was going to say. He took my arm and guided me to bike shed, after we got permission of course "Why did you take us here, there are way better places to practice, you know places with seats that are comfy?" I couldn't be alone with him. "I just wanted to talk about what happened earlier! If that's okay with you?" He was such a gentleman sometimes. "We've only known each other for a day, and we've already kissed, it's a bit rushed don't you think?" Louis frowned slightly, which practically killed me so I pulled him into a hug. The hug wan't as great as Niall's or George and Max's hugs but the connection made it feel amazing, I just couldn't leave it. "You're right love but... You can't deny there were sparks when we kissed." I remained silent. I don't know what I feel about Louis but now I think I really like him. I do, I like him. I like Niall Horan! Wait Niall? I meant Louis, I think. Damn it! This is confusing, I have a week of this then they leave. I can survive a week but what about when they're gone? "Thought so." He mumbled, pulling me tighter into the hug.


First of all, I wrote the some of this when listening to their sing truly madly deeply so they just kind of ended up all... Lovey? Anyway, I have this thing called 'writers block' :L if you haven't hear of it already and each time I try to type my mind just goes "Blah blah blah, you typed something now go eat 'cause I got nothing left and since I'm trying to be a nice author, I'm trying to upload everyday, which means the chapters might not be as good. So I might just make a new chapter every two days! Bye x  ~Bizzy

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