I owe you


3. Chapter 3

Louis' P.O.V
I couldn't help but feel a small sting of jealousy as Niall hugged her, especially since they hugged for what felt like forever, until a boy about two inches smaller than me, with greasy black hair skipped in. "Has Lilly Willy got a cwushy wushy on the band, hey?" Niall and I chuckled at the death glare she sent him that swept the smile off his face. "Have you seen Isobel? Olly wants to talk to her." No one had said anything as Lilly legged it out of the recording studio and to the drama corridor. A crowd had formed by the fire exit which reminded me about when Lilly got hit by the door. I wonder if she's okay? A short girl with short blonde hair was being pinned up against the wall by a tall muscular boy with spiky sandy hair. "Louis," Lilly was gazing deep into my eyes. My knees started to wobble as I looked back into her light green eyes, noticing the the small ring of hazelnut around the pupil. "Please can I borrow your hoodie?" How could I say no to that face. Willingly, I wrapped my jacket around her as she pulled up the hood and made her way into the crowd. "Oof!" Olly had buckled down in pain while Lilly took the girl from the wall and escaped the crowd.

Niall's P.O.V. There we were. Sprinting again... And I'm guessing that is Isobel. Before we reached the recording studio Louis and I were dragged by a pair of strong hands off track. Liam, Zayn and Harry were standing in front of us."Why were you running? Are fans chasing you?" Liam, the responsible member of one direction. "No." I replied. "Well do mind telling us?" Asked Harry. Louis eagerly told them what had happened while they nodded in a sophisticated manner. "So let's go find them!" Cheered Zayn as we made our way to the recording studio.

Lilly's P.O.V. This is the second time Isobel had ever cried in front of someone. The first time was after her mum had died of lung cancer. She came to school everyday with a smile on her face so we wouldn't worry for her. Then all of a sudden, one day Courtney Davis started teasing her, since it was Courtney Davis, the whole school teased her. Then that was it. She just snapped during and English lesson. Now here she was again cruing over what some rotten popular did to her. The crying eased so I thought I'd ask her what happened. Defeat crossed her face.

Isobel's P.O.V. "I was making my way to see you when I felt someone following me. To my despair, I saw Olly staring at me by the window. He'd come up to me to ask for a second chance and how he didn't mean to hit her, that he was just drunk. I didn't forgive him. I never have. So I told him to screw himself. that's when he pinned me against the wall. Before I knew it, a crowd had formed and you-" My eyes widened at the sight in front of me. One direction strolled casually in the recording box. Then out of no where, THE Niall Horan and THE Louis Tomlinson had Lilly in a bear hug, refusing to let her go. She always had boys falling for her left, right and center  Although she never notices. "-okay?" Zayn was sitting by my right and Harry by my left. "I'm fine..." You're crying idiot, that's probably why they asked. "We heard about what happened earlier, it must have been horrible..." Harry put his arm around my shoulder. Am I being paranoid or is he flirting with me? Despite him being Harry Styles, I still flinch when his hand touches my shoulder. He mumbled sorry when retrieving his arm. "Niall and Louis told us." Liam Payne was crouching in front of me with my hands inside his. My cheeks burned bright red and it was totally obvious.

Lilly's P.O.V. "Thanks!" I said to to Louis, handing his jacket back to him, After I had successfully escaped their hug. "So Lilly... Correct me if I'm wrong but I remember us asking for you to sing the song again. Am I right Niall?" They both looked so evil right now. "Yes Louis, I do believe we did..." Smirking like the Cheshire cat whilst backed up against the corner. In Louis' hands was my trusty guitar, Gonzalo. They can't do this but I'm not in the best position to be able to refuse. "Fine, I'll do it..." Immediately, their smirks turned into childish smiles as they jumped up and down. Eagerly they got everyone else in the room to sit around me in a circle. The fear and pressure started so I tried my best to push them down. I carried on from where I got to in Adele's song 'Home town glory'

"Round my home town,

Memories are fresh,

Round my home town,

Ooh the people, I've met,

Are the wonders of my world,

Are the wonders of my world,

Are the wonders of this world,

Are the wonders of now..."

The pressure cooled off in the second verse but I still didn't know who to look at during the song. When the song finished, everyone stood and applauded while Isobel enveloped me in a hug. The bell rang before the boys could say anything. I had French, something I was actually really could at. "Anyone in French?" Yelled Harry and Liam, don't say anything Lilly, if we walked o French together there just be a long awkward silence. "Oh my god Lilly.You have French with Harry and Liam!" They all heard this thanks Isobel. Thanks a bunch... Reluctantly, I walked to French with Harry and Liam. On of my left, one on my right. I was given death glances and disgusted faces from here, there and everywhere. "Just ignore them love." Harry's whispers sent a shiver down my spine, I'm not sure if it was good way or bad way. To comfort me, Liam swung his arm around me so I took advantage of this by cuddling more close to him, just to watch the girls reaction. As soon as we reached the silent languages department, I freed myself and jogged ti the classroom. No matter what happened during break, I'm sure it was just a way of getting new fans, I mean, when they leave they probably will forget us... The classroom stared at us awkwardly when we entered. "Harry and Liam, would you like to choose a seat. Lilly Tansy male your way to yours please." Mr. Andrews peered up from his grey and spectacle and pointed to my seat. Slumping down, I noticed all the drueling over Liam and Harry while a few gave me a dirty look. "Hey Toni!" I merrily sang. Toni was one of my best friends, she had light brown hair that bounced off her shoulders. What made her cuter was that she was still the size of a twelve year old. "Did you do your homework Lilly?" "...No..." We had homework? "Me neither let's go down together unless you have an idea!" Suddenly an outburst of 'SIT NEXT TO ME' or MARRY ME PLEASE!' Girls were even crying until Harry sat next to me and Liam near Toni. Me and Toni weren't that much into One Direction so we just carried on with our homework since we decided to try and finish it without Mr. Andrews. "Matinée classe!" Harriet swung into the classroom with Max. She loved big entrances so today was quite a simple simple one. She winked at me giving me a thumbs up when she saw Harry. "Do you know her?"I turned my head to see Harry's face inches from mine. I tried to avert my gaze but my eyes kept locking with his. His head leaned in closer to mine, I could see the class staring at us. Both our heads had moved, not for a kiss but so he could whisper into my ear while I tried to dodge what I thought was kiss. As this happened, sighs of relief were exchanged from directioners. "You are an amazing singer!" He whispered. The rest of French was awkward, especially since Harry wouldn't shut up. Luckily Liam would distract him while I continued with the lesson.

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