I owe you


12. Chapter 11

Niall's P.O.V. (AFTER THE CAR JOURNEY) Lilly rushed off without a word as soon as we stopped. My mind has been hitting the replay button none stop, remembering our kiss this whole time. Although I can tell she still likes Louis more than me but I can make that change, if I'm careful though because I haven't been able to have a normal conversation with Louis all morning. I should probably apologize during rehearsal for our performance. We spent thirty minutes going over what will happen and just relaxing for a bit. ”Niall? NIALL!” Liam shook me awake after I had zoned out during his lecture on why he shouldn't have to use spoon in soup. “Sorry I was just thinking.” About mine and Lilly's future children. That didn't sound creepy did it? “You were thinking about Lilly weren't you?” Harry was beside Liam now winking at me. My cheeks went a deep shade of red at how easy they could guess I was thinking of her, I quickly checked to see if Louis was around before nodding. “Ooh! Niall and Lilly sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-I-N-G!” Harry sung, I tried to glare at him but I failed, letting my mouth reach ear to ear. “Vas happening boys?” Louis strolled into the conversation. “Louis that’s what I say!” Zayn whined. “There’s a big mirror in the bathroom.” And with that Zayn was gone. “So… What you doin’?” Louis sung. I glared at Harry and Liam, mentally begging them not to talk about Lilly.  “Oh you know, just spoons…” Liam grumbled, unhappy with the term. I gave him ‘I-owe-you-my-life- look before Louis could see. “Okay? Well Paul said we could just go on a mini tour around the school until second period. Let’s go!” He signaled out the door and we all stood up stretching. We were all making our way to the door when someone’s hand gripped my shoulder. I spun around to see a rather sad Louis. “Can I talk to you Niall?” He stuttered. Shit.

“Err… Sure.” I desperately tried to find one of the guys to help me out but they had already left. “So what do you want to talk about?” He angrily sighed at my question. “You know what we need to talk about.” I sighed in defeat. “Yesterday, during lunch you said you loved Lilly. Not that you liked her but you love her. Don’t you think you were jumping to conclusions a little bit?” I guess I could have been but… it makes sense. It feels right saying it too. “N-no.” He sighed again. “What do I have to do to make you stop hitting on her?” He sounded so desperate. “Nothing. She’s not mine…” His face lit up at my answer “But she’s not either! It’s her choice. Besides there’s a chance she might not want us at all.” Louis paused for a second then started to smirk. “Come on Nialler, how could she resist,” he pulled a super model pose “this!” I guess we’re slightly back to normal but I can still tell he’s angry.

Lilly’s P.O.V.

Even though Louis was back to normal I needed to see my friends desperately so as soon as history finished, I launched myself out of class room but was stopped by a hand gripping onto my wrist. “Have you seen Isobel?” Zayn was holding onto my wrist. Awww! He’s looking for Isobel. They’re just too cute together! “No I’m looking for her now, want to come?” He nodded eagerly and followed behind me. We were about to reach the lockers but we were caught in a corridor crush. For those who have an oddly quiet or big school, corridor crushes are when practically all the students in the school are pushing against each other to get to their next class while at the same time being contained in a very small place, in other words, hell (we still don’t know what happened to little Timmy L). “Use your elbows Zayn!” I yelled through the groans and yells of the crush. Each time I was ever in one, I would be the annoying who would just attempt to run through, using her elbows to push people aside… It never works but one day it will. Luckily today, we both successfully made our way through three quarters of the crush. “I can see the light!” Zayn yelled from behind me. Some people would say I’m being very dramatic but if you’ve ever been the ones that happen in my school, you’d know it’s some serious shit. Finally we made our way out alive.

“ISOBEL!” I screamed at the top of my lungs as I saw my best friend trot by. “Lil- Zayn?” She smiled like an idiot when he appeared by my side. All of a sudden her face changed to a sadder smile “Are you two…?” “Looking for you? Yes, yes we are!” Zayn beamed beside me. “I’m going to let you two love birds have some privacy,” this made them both blush dark red “and remember to use protection!” I shouted as I walked to my lockers.

George was stood by my locker staring down at his shoes looking bored out of his mind. “Corridor crush huh?” He said letting out a cheeky smile. “How could you tell?” He gently pushed a lock of my hair behind my ear and I tensed myself in case he tried to make a move on me. “Your hair is slightly… angry looking.”  I rummaged in my bag for the pocket mirror and checked my hair. The bun had turned into an afro while the rest of it had transformed from wavy to curly. Quickly I pulled my hair out, flipped my head down so all of it dangled towards the floor and messily slapped it into a bun. “Better?” I asked. “Beautiful!” He beamed back. “Where is everyone?” Barely anyone was in the corridor except for us two and a few other students. “I saw most people heading over to greet the new girl.” I didn’t hear about a new girl. “New girl? Why are people so excited to see her?” George checked to see if anyone was listening then leaned in and whispered “It’s mainly the boys that are excited to see her. Apparently she’s gorgeous. Her name’s Eleanor I think.” I hope Courtney doesn’t turn her into one of the poplars. “Let’s go!” Merrily, we made our way to the hall to find a group of guys huddled around a girl. We barged our way in slightly and saw a stunning girl with dark brown hair and they eyes you’d kill for her, to her right was Courtney but Eleanor hadn’t noticed her yet. In a blur me and George saved her from the crowd of drooling teenagers and whisked her away to the lockers. “Hi, I’m Lilly, this is George.” I always liked new people because I could remember joining this school in year 7 and not knowing anyone. It was nerve wrecking. “Hey, I’m Eleanor.” We all stood there awkwardly for a few seconds. “Sorry about some of the guys here. They’re kind of assholes.” I let out a little chuckle to lighten up what I said. “Thought so.” She smiled up at us. Yep, we were going to get along. “So what do you have next?” She peered down at her timetable “…Music!” “Great! Me too, I’ll show you the way!” Chirped George and with that, they were gone.

FOOD! I walked past the food tech room and saw all the cakes cooling down as I made my way to my next lesson since George and Eleanor left me. I had science and we were doing… SEX EDUCATION! Or   more like an hour of giggles and being too afraid to put your hand up to answer a question without millions of smirks sent your way. As I made my way to my seat at the back of the classroom, I felt someone pole the side of my cheek. “What the- Oh hi Liam, you seem oddly happy today.” His wide smile turned into an over dramatic frown. “Am I not usually happy? When you look at me, is all you ever see sadness?” I patted  him on the shoulder “Whatever floats your boat.” Then skipped back to my seat. 

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