I owe you


4. A small flash back (Isobel's perspective)

Isobel's P.O.V.
I walked to my science silently and alone. Today has been great meeting one direction but I'm still worried. Olly never gives up.We used to be happily together, you know ending phone calls with the "you hang up, no you hang up, no you hang up" kind of thing and added boo to each others name. It was in November and I'd gone to see one direction on tour. My mum was at home because she said she didn't feel like going out, little did I know at the time that it was lung cancer that she was dealing with. So I left her at home while dragging Lilly with me since she owed me a favour. In the middle of concert while they were singing little things, Olly had rung up, obviously drunk. "So you're at the concert huh? Just because I'm not there doesn't mean you can go sleeping with some random shit! In case you forget that I thought you might not forget this." I could hear my mum screaming my name, my younger sister was there too. On the other end of the line Olly had them both, hitting them constantly. I screamed, tears filling my eyes but over all screaming fans, no one seemed to notice. As I rushed to the door, Lilly began to follow, needing no explanation, she was with me.

I swung the door open and to my horror I saw my mum knocked out by the door, my sister crying by the side of my mum's limp body. Olly was lying on the leather couch shocked to see my face. He was still wasted but ran straight up to me, repeatedly apologizing with my face cupped in his hands. Before I could pull away, his lips smashed into mine. The taste of alcohol passing from his mouth to mine. All of a sudden he let out loud yell, my eyes fluttered open and found Lilly pinning Olly against the wall. She used the back of her hand to whack him across the face. Lilly gave him a mean slap, blood had already started to trickle down his mouth. Her hands were now around his shirt, making her able to slam him against the wall. "Don't you dare ever touch her again, you little fucker!" She hissed through gritted teeth.

After he had left, Lilly volunteered herself to stay at my house and help. We cleaned up their wounds using the medical equipment that was casually lying around our house as we had both agreed to take them to tbe hospital tomorrow morning.

"Isobel was it? Are you alright?" I turned my face to see Zayn leaning against the lockers, his arms crossing his chest. I nodded trying to hold in the tears and the lump rising in my throat. "We both know that's a lie, it's about what happened earlier isn't it?" I nodded again slumping down next to him, letting Zayn wrap his arm around my shoulder while I buried my face into his shirt. When the crying had stopped, I told him about Olly, he was the second person I've ever told. I thought he'd be all sympathetic and come up with ways to solve it but he didn't, he just hugged me and gently told me "I understand."

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