The Wrong One

McKenzie and Melissa are best friends living in Los Angeles: McKenzie modelling for Victoria's Secret and Melissa making it big in the music industry as a singer-songwriter.

One day, they bump into a certain five boys, and Mckenzie has always hated Harry whilst Melissa has had a crush on him from the beginning.

Are the matches that come along made in heaven or is it A Midsummer's Night Dream all over again?


1. Chapter One

**Melissa's POV**


"God, I don't know why the tabloids are making such a big deal about this," I sigh, throwing yet another celebrity magazine back onto the table. 


McKenzie just laughs and carries on applying her lipstick for the fourth time today. 


"Well," she says as soon as she is done, "not every Victoria's Secret model quits to become a singer."


"'Cos they have more sense than me," I mumble then raise my voice, "I mean, who is going to listen to my music after I modeled for Victoria's Secret! People would never watch the music video's in fear of seeing any nudity! I'm over that now, why can't people understand that?"


*A Hour Later*


McKenzie and I walk out of the building's marble lobby into the hot L.A sun. We get down to the end of that street until we are mobbed by the paparazzi. 


"McKenzie! McKenzie! Give us a twirl," and with a small giggle she does so. More demands are thrown at her, and McKenzie is happy to do so. 


"Hey, isn't that Melissa?" one reporter says, annoying me more than anything my little brothers have done to me before. He just couldn't keep his trap shut for five minutes!


"Melissa, why did you give up modeling? Do you think people will buy your music? What is your thoughts on moms all over the country hating the idea their children may be watching your music videos?" 


"No comment," I mutter and tug on McKenzie's arm so we could leave. She gives the paps one finally finger waggle and we're gone. 


(Leticia is that alright?)

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