What Really Happened In Pompeii

With a title alike to 'What Really Happened In Peru- The Bane Chronicles' by Cassandra Clare, this is a story about a girl living in Pompeii. Little does she know about all the secrets of mystery and magic hiding in every dark corner of the ancient town...


4. Una Nuova Vita

After a long day of training I went to bed and dreamed.


I dreamed of fire and darkness over Pompeii. The man that attacked me was cackling as he crushed Pompeii to the ground with other evil supernaturals, all had red eyes and a black aura surrounding them.

"We are The Fire Circle, no one in Pompeii will survive!" He shouted at the other supernaturals.

I saw them all running towards me, blue sparks surronding my vision.

I woke up with a scream and an image of my father's face, bloody and deformed, with the same vampire teeth that Antonio had given him.


I went to Mario's room and told him everything. He let me in and we both went to sleep in his bed as I was too scared to leave after my nightmare.

As I slept, Mario ran his fingers through my hair and watched me. He stayed awake until I was completely asleep, and even when I was asleep I wondered if he was asleep too.

My sleep this time was more pleasant.

I dreamed of Mario.

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