What Really Happened In Pompeii

With a title alike to 'What Really Happened In Peru- The Bane Chronicles' by Cassandra Clare, this is a story about a girl living in Pompeii. Little does she know about all the secrets of mystery and magic hiding in every dark corner of the ancient town...


2. Una Festa Da Ricordare

Mournfully, I wept over my father's body..

"Arrivederci," I cried, I held my fathers hand and kissed it softly before turning to go. I got up to leave but something grabbed my dress and tugged me down again.

My father looked at me with large blood shot eyes. "Alessa, I only wanted to tell you when the time was right. Now is a better time than any. I am not a human. We are supernaturals, you are too. Like me and like them; but we are not all the same. You must go and find people like you."

He began to say something else when he collapsed and died; I slipped away and crawled to the wall. I wrapped my arms around my legs.

I put my head on my knees and sighed. Through the muffled fabric I heard more running and I was lifted into a pair of strong arms. I half screamed then saw the boy that had turned into a wolf holding me.

"No, get off me!" I fought against him but I was wasting my energy as he was too strong.

"I'm not going to hurt you, I helped your father, I'm here to help you now," He looked deeply into my eyes I could tell he was telling the truth. "I'm not going to hurt you but if we don't leave soon your father will morph into a vampire and you will become his first meal."

I fainted in the boys arm as he carried me quickly into darkness.

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