Trying to be seen

meet Anne a girl who passes to middle and things gave a twist especially in frinship and love. she has to fight to be seen


5. The kiss



Nobody knows what happened between Harry and me yesterday in luke's party, not even Mary or Britney, and actually I wanted to tell it to someone, so I phone Mary and ask her to come to my house because in her I trust more than in Britney but she couldn't come. Then phone Britney and she was in the beach so she can't come either and now I will have to wait to tell them until Monday.

My mom wasn't at home so I went to her room and start looking for photos of me and Harry. I found one were we are  with a teddy bear in the hands. I really loved it so I take it to my room.


I can't stop thinking about the kiss that Harry gave me, no one had ever kissed me and I am sure that I will never forget what happened yesterday. I'm so confused, he kiss myself after so much time without seeing me! 

I don't know what i'm going to do on Monday when he come to my house to do the geography project. what do i'm suppose to do if he starts talking about what happened yesterday? 


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