Who the hell are you?

He walked over to me smiling and sat right next to me , i thought it must of been some big practical joke "Who the hell are you?!" I screamed in the boys face. He looked at his feet and turned red , i felt kind of bad but for all i knew he was a pervert. "im... im Niall"he looked up."yeah i know WHO you are but what do you want?" he moved closer "im the guy you speak to online" my face dropped "what, but you lied you said your name was Kevin and who the fuck was that in your picture" . He blushed "uh my brother" suddenly i blacked out. I woke up in his bed and i sat up , for some reason my head hurt.Why did this boy lie to me? was it to protect me ? was he using me?after all these months he told me he loved me and he wanted to meet me and protect me ..was it all a joke?I thought this boy was the one.. i dont know anymore.


6. So you forgive me? (Sexual)



I sat up and looked into Nialls eyes "stay the night please incase my ex comes back" he smiled "fineee" hes picked me up and carried me to my room. He looked into my eyes and kissed me. His soft lips touching me. His smile grew bigger as he pulled away pulling me into a hug.

"i love you" he whispered into my ears sending chills down my spine. He placed me onto the bed lighting a candle,he crawled up and kissed me before removing my clothes. He ripped of my bra and grabbed my pants with his teeth and pulled them down my legs. i pulled his pants down and rubbed along his penis. He let out a small moan i smiled,he crawled up to me with my body positioned between him and lent down pressing his lips into my neck slowly biting the skin . I let out a small moan and he smiled even more. He started kissing down my jaw line moving to my neck again his kiss traveling down my chest over to my right breast taking my nipple in his mouth while he caressed my left nipple between two of his fingers . he let go and started to kiss my stomach he quickly grabbed his jeans and pulled out a condom and slid it on his length why rubbing my thigh . He positioned himself and his eyes met mine. " i love you so much" he smiled pressing his lips onto mine . i felt a light thrust as his length entered me a small gasp escaped my lips as he alowed me to adjust our lips still had not parted they moved in sync with on another. "Niall baby please move " i whispered pulling away from the kiss he smiled before sliding  in and out he was going really slow i dont know if he was trying to be kind but my lips parted to speak his pace picked up moving very fast now my breath hitched in my throat and my moans began to fill the room he kept up the pace for quite awhile before he slowed down to a nice pace , but he started to get faster again to fast my breathing was getting heavier and i started to struggle he slowed down , kissing my lips he went at an amazing pace i felt his every move and enjoyed everything he was doing i was coming close to my climax and my walls began to tighten . "come on just a little longer" he kissed me more. "i cant" he kissed me along my neck and picked up the paste suddenly he cum and we both climax . he slid out and lay next to me both of us were out of breath . We cleaned up and lay down , i cuddled up into his arms.

"i love you " he whispered .

" I love you more" i smiled 

Shortly after we both fell asleep hand in hand.

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