Who the hell are you?

He walked over to me smiling and sat right next to me , i thought it must of been some big practical joke "Who the hell are you?!" I screamed in the boys face. He looked at his feet and turned red , i felt kind of bad but for all i knew he was a pervert. "im... im Niall"he looked up."yeah i know WHO you are but what do you want?" he moved closer "im the guy you speak to online" my face dropped "what, but you lied you said your name was Kevin and who the fuck was that in your picture" . He blushed "uh my brother" suddenly i blacked out. I woke up in his bed and i sat up , for some reason my head hurt.Why did this boy lie to me? was it to protect me ? was he using me?after all these months he told me he loved me and he wanted to meet me and protect me ..was it all a joke?I thought this boy was the one.. i dont know anymore.


7. So .. Will you..

Nialls POV


I woke up and there she was lying in bed , she looked so peaceful and she was so beautiful.

Suddenly she woke and her eyes were so beautiful and expressive i could not help but get lost in them. "What the fuck are you staring at" she rolled over moaning. I laughed "im guessing your not a morning person?" she never replied , i looked over to see her out cold asleep again on the bed. Definitively not a morning person. I got up and went to the bathroom , I had a shower and went back to find her still asleep in bed , i picked up my clothes off the floor and got dressed and decided to go and make her breakfast .. I walked into the kitchen, i put on some boiled eggs and went and sat on the sofa and started to think. Suddenly everything started to come back the memory's her the ring our fake child , I think when its all over it comes back ,in flashes like a flash of memory's it all comes back at one time but she never dose. I noticed she was bad the minuet i met her ,. not because of how she looked or what she said or did it was the feeling that came along with her. How can the devil pull you to someone so perfect when she smiles at you. The worst part was not loosing her it was loosing me and now im confused. I cant find myself and i blame it all on her... I don't know if i will ever find myself again. *BEEEEP BEEEEP BEEEEP BEEEEEP* Suddenly i snapped out of it. "SHITSHITSHIT SHIT THE EGGGS* I Ran over to the pan and turned it of , guess the car gets breakfast first , i mashed it up and gave it to the cat on the floor, and boiled some more eggs. Lucky katy was still fast asleep like an angel .I put the eggs in egg cups and boiled some toast i made her a coffee and walked into her bedroom. She was still asleep awwwe :] "morning beautiful" i put the tray on the bed and walked over to her placing a kiss on her lips and squeezing into bed next to her pulling her in for a hug. "Morning babyyyy" I kissed her lips again they were so soft. "what's the time?" I looked at the clock "11am" uggggh she mumbled " i neeeeeed to find a job" i smiled "really" she gave me a dont go there look "i think i have a job for you babe " she looked confused "will you be my assistant on tour" a smiled came across her face "how much do i get payed a day" you get 1k a week so thats like 4k -5k a month and you can earn extra if your really nice and obey all my orders " she winked " well ill try my best baby"



Katys POV


"i made you eggs" he looked so proud that he had made it . "Aww Nialler thats so nice" i kissed him, i pulled away and kissed him again pushing him back onto the bed teasing him . Suddenly he ran to the bathroom. "AHAAHAHAH oh Niall " he started screaming "KATY THAT WAS NOT FUNNY I SWEAR TO FUCKING GOD THAT WAS SO EVIL IM NOT TALKING TO YOU NOW" I quickly got up and lay on the floor pretending to cry. "OHMYGOD IM SO SORRY BABY I WAS JOKING" Niall walked in and sat on the floor next to me rubbing my back.  i sat up with my fake tears. I pulled him in for a hug and lay there. "Wannnna go out? Like on a proper date " I played with his hair "Sure, ill go get ready" he stood up and walked out. I walked to the bathroom and had a long hot shower , i walked out in my fresh fluffy towels and sat on the bed. I walked to my closest  an put on some underwear and sat at my desk . I put on some foundation and mascara and a tiny bit of glittery eye shadow , i dont want to look like a barbie doll. I walked back over to my wardrobe and picked out a pair off ripped skinny jeans and a light black pokka dot shirt and black under tee and a pair of white converse.  I got dressed and curled the tips of my hair and put on a head band to keep my fringe up .Done. I picked up my bag and walked out of the door to see Niall watching tv.

"ready" he smiled

"ready" he grabbed my hand and we walked out of the door.

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