Who the hell are you?

He walked over to me smiling and sat right next to me , i thought it must of been some big practical joke "Who the hell are you?!" I screamed in the boys face. He looked at his feet and turned red , i felt kind of bad but for all i knew he was a pervert. "im... im Niall"he looked up."yeah i know WHO you are but what do you want?" he moved closer "im the guy you speak to online" my face dropped "what, but you lied you said your name was Kevin and who the fuck was that in your picture" . He blushed "uh my brother" suddenly i blacked out. I woke up in his bed and i sat up , for some reason my head hurt.Why did this boy lie to me? was it to protect me ? was he using me?after all these months he told me he loved me and he wanted to meet me and protect me ..was it all a joke?I thought this boy was the one.. i dont know anymore.


4. Meeting Him.

*1 month from the day we met*

We was dying to meet each other and we finally set a date today, Kevin was really nervous i thought this was really cute. We decided to meet at a privet peaceful park just 10mins away from my house. 

I started to walk and i soon arrived, i sat on a wall and waited for Kevin, I Could only see a bunch of guys by a tree laughing and the blonde one was staring at me..I felt uncomfortable so i walked a little and sat further down. Suddenly the guy started to walk closer to me, shit. "well here goes nothing" he said to his friend. I moved a little further and i could see him he looked embarrassed , i must admit he looked kind of cute..  suddenly he got closer . "no way" its Niall Horan I think.. IM not so crazzy about them but im sure it was him. He walked over to me smiling and sat right next to me. I thought it was some big practical joke with him and his gang. "who the hell are you?!?" I screamed in the boys face he looked at his feet and turned red , i felt kind of bad but for all i knew he was a pervert of a rapist coming to get me. "im...im Niall" He looked up "Yeah pretty boy i know the name" he just smiled "Yeah i know WHO you are but what do you want" he moved closer to me and to be honest i was starting to panic. "im sorry " he knew i was scared so he moved back, he looked into my eyes "i know this is difficult and im sorry" huh what was he saying i just give him the (what the fuck look) "im the Kevin" my face dropped. "WHAT THE FUCK YOU LIED TO ME TO GET MY ATTENTION SO YOU ARE SOME FUCKING PERVERT?!? HUH WHAT DO YOU WANT CAUSSE YOUR NOT GETTING IT" a tear dropped from his eyes. "its my bro in the picture , he always gets the girls ..i just wanted someone to love me for who i am .. not because im in the band ... im sooo sorry" he got up wiped the tears away and ran away past his friends and got into a car and drove away. I was to harsh i needed to get home. I walked home and it started to rain .. damn... 10 mins later i arrived at my house and walked in i took a shower and got into my unicorn (onesize onsie, how you spell idek xD sowwy) i sat on the sofa and text Niall.

Me: Niall im sorry. 

Niall: IM SORRY. 

Me: i still love you

Niall: Really?

Me: with all my heart.

Niall: Thankyou .

Me: I missed meeting up my place in an hour?

Niall: Ill bring the nandos.

Me: okay badboy.

I threw my phone on the table and lay back listening to the faint sound of the tv in the back ground i did love Niall even if he wasn't the person i thought he was.. I wasn't going to end that love we had. Just slip away because of it..

It was an hour later and there was a knock at the door! 



i opened the door and there was tony. 

My ex.

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