Dreams Do Come True

Lucy Portman lives in sunny Fort Myers, Florida in a beautiful home. Right across the street from her long-time crush Jason Hampton. She tries to get together with Jason, she even has dreams about him, but when he suddenly starts liking her she's overwhelmed and excited, but not ready for a serious relationship. After she fumbles when he proposes a new relationship status, he grows apart from her. What will Lucy have to do to get him back? Find out in Dreams Do Come True


1. Prolouge

        The fog swirled around aimlessly, covering everything. She took a step forward, and her foot twisted on a rock. Her mouth opened and a scream shot out. Her body tumbled into the middle of a floor. It was hard. Tile. And it was wet, water sliding across the squares when she moved her hand.

        She shakily pushed herself to her feet and looked around. The fog had somehow cleared, revealing some sort of high ceilinged room. A large pool sat in the middle of the room, with multi-colored pool noodles, rafts, and goggles floating in the blue water. White steps led down to the pool bottom. The deepest part looked to be about eight feet deep, and the shallowest maybe three. A long handle stood out of the water for assistance. Red ceramic tiles circled the perimeter of the pool.

        Blue and yellow striped lounge chairs sat in a row on one side of the pool. On the other side, a short white diving board looked into the deep end. The pool was a sort of deformed oval shape. One long side had chairs. One short had a diving board. One had a teal waterslide, circling around nearly the whole pool, dropping into the middle. In the back of the room, shelves held pool equipment and toys.

     She looked around, trying to find a way out. The pool seemed to be in a screen cage, and the only exit was the screen door or a black spiral staircase that led up to a patio overlooking the pool. She bolted to the door and fumbled with the knob. Finally, she twisted it and pushed. It was locked. Her strawberry-blonde hair whipped around, hitting the door as she turned sharply towards the staircase. What if the homeowners were upstairs? When they saw her, would they freak and call the police? Welcome her with open arms?

        Her bare feet slipped on the tile as she ran to the stairs, and before she knew it, her bottom was aching, and cold. She’d landed right next to the pool. Another inch or two and she’d be in.

       Suddenly, she heard a noise. She froze in her position, too scared to move. It seemed to be water, swishing and sloshing around. Then a deep voice.

        “Careful. Don’t want to fall in again.” It was a teasing voice. She recognized it, but the name of the person was floating around the air, and when she tried to catch it, it drifted higher. Her head slowly turned, and her sea green eyes locked on the speaker. A boy. He was tall, and looked about fourteen. His ripped abs were visible underwater, and his red swim trunks hung low on his muscular build. He had tan skin, like he’d spent his whole life on the beach. The color of his hair was hard to determine; he had a strict buzz cut. But there was nothing unsure about the blueness of his eyes. They shone like a bright, cloudless sky. She knew the boy. She felt pulled to him somehow, but why? He was giving her a teasing grin, like he was her brother. Was he? No, he couldn’t be. She couldn’t really be attracted to her own sibling, right?

        He swam right up to her and splashed some pool water on her face playfully, like they’d known each other for years. The water was warm and inviting. It also had a strange feeling. Had she been here before, with this boy? She smiled weakly, wishing that she could remember his name. It started with a R. Or was it an H? Or an A? Her mind was wiped clear of all its thoughts.

        “So, Luce. Want to swim?” The boy said, raising his bushy brown eyebrows. Luce. Was that her name? She couldn’t put her finger on what was familiar about this guy, and now she’d been confused with a name.

        Before she could give a solid answer, he grabbed her hands and pulled in. She flailed around helplessly. Her clothes. They were going to be soaked. She looked down frantically when she felt warm water touching her stomach. Her eyes widened underwater, burning. Her tank top and shorts had been replaced with a black string bikini. She would never wear something so skimpy around a boy. And when she reached up to tighten her ponytail it was a messy bun.

        She could hear laughter above her. Her feet pushed hard on the bottom of the pool and she rocketed out of the water. When her eyes cleared of water, she realized that the guy was right beside her. She shivered. He’d called her Luce. He obviously knew her. By the way he was looking at her, pretty well. He pursed his lips and stood back, like he was moving away, but he was really moving closer. Her eyes bulged like tennis balls. Just as he was inches away from her lips…………………………


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