Someday maybe we'll meet again

" I was just a stupid little girl a mere child, I was 17 crazy in love with you. I thought that maybe just maybe if I stopped listening to the media that our relationship could stand the test of time, but I was wrong. I did nothing in this relationship wrong. I had a job that I was getting really good at, I never once accepted any of your money. The only thing that I ever did that I acted like a charity case was deciding to live with you! You've treated me like one (charity case) since we got into this relationship, so move out of my way let me pack and get out of your life. Because that's something that you've always wanted" I said that pointing to some girl who looked like a dancer but I honestly don't know. I thought maybe if I just went to the States to surprise him at a concert, but no he was there fucking the brains out of this girl.


1. first day of school

         " Alice, baby girl, wake up you gotta go to school today is the first day."

    My mom is always the ray of sunshine in the morning. She smells like bacon because she just got done cooking my favorite breakfast which is oatmeal with pecans and brown sugar with bacon crushed into it as well. I know that sounds disgusting, but hey I eat any and all things. I'm NOT FAT!! just because I  eat does not mean that I'm fat, but back to the story. I'm actually a moring monster who eats moring bunnies like my Madre

" GET OUT OF MY ROOM NOW!" I said as I fell back to dream world where the zzzzz live.With those harsh words which in my defence shes lived with it for 17 years now, so she should be used to it, she said ,  " Ok baby girl just sleep for 5 more minutes then rush your breakfast in, then get dressed ok sweetie?."

With that she left me to sleep, but she knows me I can't go back to sleep, so I got up went to the kitchen to find everyone dressed but my Madre and I.

"Looks like the monster just woke up " my 13 year old brother, Zac said.

"shut it at least I wont look like a mommas boy!" with that victorious remark Daddy decided that was enough for one morning.

" That's enough both of you. Good morning Al"

"moring daddy have a good day at work."

With that I finished my breakfast went upstairs to my bathroom finished my hair I decided with soft curls, then I put on my clothes which was a grey sky blue 3/4 length sweater with  mid-thigh white shorts. A brown thin belt and just some rainbows. Its simple just the way I like it. I grabbed my keys , back pack and purse and keys headed out. Once I got to school I met up with my best friend in the whole entire universe galaxy entire everything. Chloee. we saw each other we started to just talk   about any and everything boys, chloee even getting a boyfriend!! As we were talking about One Direction then the bell rang . My first block class was chorus I am just one of the best jounoirs in there, but as I walked in she was talking about a trip to London for the people she thought were some of thebest in her class. " I need the following students to my office. Jackson, Jacob, Sydney, Rachel , Kelly, and last but not least Alice." I jumped up out of my seat and went into her office she each gave us a plane ticket and itenorary of what we were gonna do on the trip. After school chloee and I went downtown! It's the absolute only thing to do in our tiny town to do besides go to Wally world.

"  Chloee  I'm sorry, but I'm hungry can eat at Melanie's? You know it's my fav!!!"

"yeah lets go now I sometimes think you have 60 different tummies!" Chloee knows me so well I knew that she had to hungry too. because we haven't eaten since lunch! She's just the coolest person in the world I wish other people could see her the way that I see her. The best person in the world.

" See this is why youre my best friend."

 After we finished eating and I dropped her it was time for me to go tell Momma and Daddy about the good news!





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