The Dead

London at night is scary enough imagine it with ghosts walking around. Chloe is 17 and died in a fire last year, James is 16 but what happens when he gets lost, wonders into a grave yard and accidently raises Chloe from the dead and they become best friends.


7. Back To The Grave

They walked to the grave, it was cold and misty. They then walked up to Chloe's gravestone, it was a big stone, and a very dark grey. James looked at it more carefully, it read:

Chloe Reed

22nd August 2012

She will be missed by all her friends at London Bridge School

James backed away from the stone and looked at Chloe. They had become best friends, they had laughed and laughed, it was going to be hard to say goodbye just like that. Chloe just smiled simply and James prepared to say the spell.

"Hot, summers days, cold, wintery nights, why take this person's life", he murmered quietly to him self hoping it wouldn't work. The ground started to shake and Chloe waved, so did James. Just like Chloe had come from the ground she also sunk back into it. James could feel a tear pricking his eye as he walked away, Chloe had become such a good friend he couldn't bare to loose her.

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