The Dead

London at night is scary enough imagine it with ghosts walking around. Chloe is 17 and died in a fire last year, James is 16 but what happens when he gets lost, wonders into a grave yard and accidently raises Chloe from the dead and they become best friends.


4. Accidents Happen

James was shocked to see a ghost right there infront of him, an actuall see-through ghost.

"W-who are y-you?" stammered James.

"Well who do you think I am, I came from the grave that said CHLOE." James looked at her blankly. "I'm Chloe," answered Chloe making James sound very stupied.

"But you're d-dead" said James, confused.

"Yes, well someone said a spell to bring me back to life" stated Chloe.

"Me?" asked James

"Yes you" said Choe. James was completely frozen while all this was happening.

"But I didn't do any spell."

"You thought the spell from that book didn't you?"
"Yes, but I didn't say it."

"I really don't have time to answer all your questions, I want to see what I missed in the last year, can I stay at your house?" asked Chloe.

"Ummmm........ yeah I guess" answered James thinking about wired it was to have a ghost stay at his house.

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