If this story reminds you alot of The Vampire Diaries, it's because I get some of the idea from there, I'm a huge fan of TVD so... Yeah.
Cassandra is 18 and lives with her little brother Max on 15 and her Auntie Emma on 27, suddenly they get a new neighboor which seem a little unusual. People dies, gets hurt, acts weird, but the marks on the people's neck is something Cas have never seen before.


28. I'm too smart to be seduced by you.

Hannah's P.O.V

Liam placed me on the couch in the livingroom and kissed my forehead before he left. Zayn walked over to me and bent down in front of me.

"I've heard that you're having a dance tonight.." Zayn said bringing up the paper I was sharing at school.

"You're not invited." I said as he chuckled.

"How about this, I'll give you my blood, if you let me take you to that dance." He smirked licking his lips.

I hesitated, took a while before I replied, "Deal." 

He bit his wrist and held it in front of me, I grabbed it and started to drink his blood, I felt myself getting stronger again. He removed his hand as I wiped away the blood from my chin.

"Where's Cas?" I asked him as I sat up on the couch.

"I brought Cas home in exchange for Harry to give himself over to me." Zayn said as I furrowed my eyebrows at him.

"You can't do that." I told him and stood up.

"May in fact I can, love." He smirked and walked towards the frontdoor.

"I'll pick you up at seven PM." He said and walked away.

Harry's P.O.V

I was at Zayn's place, I couldn't go home, I heard the front door open as Zayn walked in. 

"I've brought you a present." He spoke bringing in a random girl.

"Drink as much as you want." He said pushing the girl over to me.

Her breath was heavy, and she was terrified.

"I'm not drinking human blood." I told him as he laughed.

"You do now." He said walking over to us.

"Let me just start the whole thing for you." He said as suddenly he bit her neck.

He pulled himself back again, my eyes widened as I saw the blood streaming down her neck, I got hungry, the smell of the blood made me weak. 

"Come on, I know you want, just a little taste." Zayn smirked and sat down on the couch.

I moved my head a little closer, my teeths got out as I started sucking out the blood. It tasted so good, I couldn't stop, starting to get out of control. Draining her to the very last drop of blood, she suddenly stopped breathing as she fell down on the floor.

"Good job." Zayn shouted clapping his hands.

"Now turn it off." Zayn said standing up and looking into my eyes.

"W-what?" I questioned.

"Turn off your humanity." He compelled as then I suddenly felt... Nothing.

My lips were shaking, Zayn placed his hands on my shoulder, "I'm going to the dance tonight, you better come." He smirked and walked away.

Hannah's P.O.V

I got out of the shower and walked into my room looking for dresses, but I couldn't find anything special to wear. I sighed as I walked back into the bathroom to dry my hair.

As I placed the hairdryer down again I heard some noises from my room.

"Hello?" I said without getting any response.

"Mom?" I said but again didn't get a response.

I walked into my room but no one's there. I looked at my bed and there was a big box, I walked over to it and picked up the note that was on top of the box.

'Dear Hannah, I brought you this gift and another on your nightstand, hoping you'll wear it tonight, I'll be at your door in one hour, love Zayn. x'

I placed the note down and opened the box, my eyes widened as I saw a beautiful diamond blue dress. I held it up in front of me, it was so beautiful.

I looked over at my nightstand where there was a black little box, I walked over and picked it up, opening the box there was a golden bracelet. A smile grew on my face as I put it on. I put on the dress and walked in front of the mirror.


I've finished my makeup as I heard it knock on the front door, quickly I put on some makeup and rushed downstairs. My mom was about to open, but she turned around and wowed when she saw me.

"You look beautiful." She said as I thanked, "Who's your date?" She asked as I opened the door.

"A guy named Zayn." I told her before kissing her goodbye.

I stepped outside and closed the door.

"You look stunning." He smirked as I rolled my eyes.

"Really Zayn? A dress and a bracelet?" I questioned as we walked down the porch.

"I want my date to look... Just like you." He said as we stepped into his car.

Cassandra's P.O.V

I put on some perfume right before it knocked on my door, wondering who it could be I opened it and saw Louis.

"What are you doing here?" I asked him as he shrugged in response.

"Since Harry gave himself over to Zayn, may I escort you to the dance?" He asked reaching out his hand.

I smiled and sighed at the same time as I placed my hand over his, "I'd love to." I said as he kissed my hand.

We sat into his car as he headed to the dance. We stepped into the room who was already filled with people. My eyes widened as I saw Harry standing there near all the food.

"What's Harry doing here?" I whispered to Louis.

"I don't know, but if Harry's here then.." He said before suddenly the doors opened and in came Hannah and Zayn.

She looked beautiful with the dress. Everyone looked at them as they made their way over to us.

"Hannah, I thought your date was Liam?" I questioned as she sighed.

"I know but... Zayn saved my life." She said.

"What are you doing here anyway?" Louis asked Zayn.

"Well, are you the one to talk?" Zayn cocked as Harry walked over to us.

"Hi." I smiled at Harry but he just gave me a dirty look and walked away.

"Yeah about him, I removed his humanity, wops." Zayn said with a smirk.

"You did what?" Hannah asked looking at Zayn.

"No big deal, if he's going to be working with me finding Sasha, he better not be in love with her doppelganger." Zayn spoke as a slow song came on.

"You want to dance, Hannah?" Zayn asked Hannah as she rolled her eyes.

"Do I have a choice?" She sassed.

Louis reached out his hand as I grabbed it, he placed his other hand on my waist as I placed my other hand on his shoulder.

"I'm going to talk to Harry." I told Louis as he just chuckled.

"No you aren't, he doesn't have his humanity, which means, he's not in love with you anymore." Louis whispered as I looked over at Harry.

He was drinking punch leaning against a wall while watching us.

"I can change him back." I said about to walk away before Louis tightened his grip on me.

"No, you can't. From now on you keep as far away from that guy as possible." He commanded as I rolled my eyes.

Hannah's P.O.V

As I danced with Zayn, Liam walked over to us, "I thought I'd be your date." He said.

I was about to say something before Zayn spoke, "You can go dance with the little witch over there." He said nodding his head towards Melissa who was standing alone.

"But..." Liam started before Zayn interrupted him, "Now." He commanded.

Liam walked away as I looked up at Zayn, "Oh don't look at me with those judgy little eyes." He smirked spinning me around once before placing his hands on my waist.

"You're a pretty good dancer I have to admit." He smirked as I smiled a little.

"I've had my practice, been to alot of dances and stuff." I told him.

"Can I ask you something?" I said as he nodded on response.

"Have you ever thought about going back to being a human?" I asked as he made a thinking voice.

"Now why would I gone back to being a human when I'm the most powerful creature on the planet?" He smirked.

"So there's not one time, in your whole life, you wanted to be human?" I asked but he didn't reply.

"How about you?" He asked as the song changed, we stopped dancing as he continued, "Will you go back to being a human?" 

"I would but... what are the odds?" I giggled as he laughed.

He grabbed himself two class and some champagne as we walked outside.

"Life used to be alot easier." He spoke while we were walking in the huge garden behind the building.

He placed his stuff down on a bench as he brought up a piece of paper, "I bet you missed the days being the ball princess." He read from the paper.

"Is that my speech from 6th grade?" I asked trying to take the paper but he held it away from me.

"I want to thank my mom for raising me to who I am today, I love puppies and chocolate." He read trying to hold in his laugh.

"Give me that." I said and took the paper out of his hands.

We sat down on the bench as he poured the drink into the glasses. I took a sip and looked over at Zayn.

"You know why I wanted to go to this dance with you?" He asked as I shook my head 'no'.

"Because I fancy you, Hannah. You're a girl who knows how to laugh and have fun." He smirked drinking from his glass.

"Just to be clear." I said as he paid attention to me, "I'm too smart to be seduced by you." I told him as he chuckled.

"Well, that's why I like you." He smirked licking his lips.

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