If this story reminds you alot of The Vampire Diaries, it's because I get some of the idea from there, I'm a huge fan of TVD so... Yeah.
Cassandra is 18 and lives with her little brother Max on 15 and her Auntie Emma on 27, suddenly they get a new neighboor which seem a little unusual. People dies, gets hurt, acts weird, but the marks on the people's neck is something Cas have never seen before.


33. California.

Cassandra's P.O.V

I woke up in a car after falling asleep on Louis' couch. Confused I sat up straight and spotted Louis driving.

"What... Where are we going?" I groaned rubbing my forehead.

"California." He simply said.

"California? No, no we're not, seriously Louis, where are we?" I asked.

"Seriously, we're in California." He said glancing over at me.

"Stop the car Louis." I said raising my voice.

"Ah, you were so much more fun when you were asleep." He sighed and pulled over.

I got out of the car, not feeling very well. I leaned my hand on the car almost about to fall when suddenly Louis was beside me holding me up.

"Are you alright?" He asked looking into my eyes.

"I'm fine." I whispered and stood up straight.

I searched in my pocket, but couldn't find my phone, "My phone, where is it?" I asked as he leaned his back on the car.

"Maybe you dropped it." He shrugged as I rolled my eyes.

I held over my chest and took a deep breath, before I realized that my necklace was gone.

"My necklace." I whispered looking at him.

"Oh yeah, that's at my place." He told me as my eyes widened.

"What? Why?" I asked looking around.

It was an open road, no cars were driving here, and not a single house nearby.

"I have to go back." I told him.

"Oh, come on, we've already come so far!" He sighed.

"Why are you doing this? I can't be in California, no one knows where I am, this is kidnapping Louis." I said but he just rolled his eyes.

"That's a little dramatic don't you think?" He joked placing his hand on my shoulder.

"It's not funny." I groaned pushing his hand away.

Harry's P.O.V

It's been an hour since Zayn pulled that dagger out of his sister, she still haven't woke up. Suddenly my phone started to ring, I picked it up.

"Hello?" I said walking a bit away from Zayn.

"Cas is gone, so is Louis." I heard Hannah's voice say through the phone.

"How do you know?" I asked.

"I checked her place, she wasn't there, I checked your place, no one's there. And the worst part is, I found her necklace on your table." She spoke as my eyes widened.

After Cece died some of my humanity came back, I noticed that Zayn was looking, he could probably hear the conversation.

"W-why should I care?" I cocked.

"Ugh, I know you care Harry! I bet Louis has kidnapped Cas!" She yelled.

"I'll check it out." I whispered and hung up.

"I just have to make a quick call to my brother." I told Zayn.

"Don't care too much now big boy." Zayn said as I walked upstairs to the bar.

Cassandra's P.O.V

Suddenly I heard my phone ringing inside Louis' jacket.

"Is that my phone?" I asked as Louis brought it up.

He checked the callers ID.

"It's your boyfriend." He smirked holding the phone in front of me.

I just looked away crossing my arms over my chest as he picked up.

"Cassandra's phone." Louis spoke putting the phone on speaker.

"Where is she? Is she alright?" I heard Harry's voice say.

"Cas? Oh she's right here." He said as I looked at him, "And yes she's... Fine." He said looking up and down at my body.

"Let me talk to her." Harry commanded.

Louis tried to hand me the phone, "He wants to talk to you." He smirked as I just shook my head, "No." I whispered.

"Yeah, no I don't think she really wants to talk to you right now." Louis said back into the phone. 

"I swear to god Louis, if you hurt her..." I heard Harry say before Louis interrupted, "You have a good day, okay? Bye now." Louis smirked and hung up.

"Look, no one knows where I am, can we just go back?" I asked.

"Come on, we're almost there." He said.

"Where's there?" I asked.

"A little place just a few minutes away." He said as I just sighed, "Oh come on Cas, you don't wanna go back right now do you? So much drama going on, come on time-out just five minutes, five minutes. Then we'll go home." He begged.

"Am I going to be safe with you?" I asked, "Yes." He said right away.

"You promise not to do that mind control thing on me?" I asked, "I promise." He said.

"Can I trust you?" I finally said looking into his eyes.

"Get in the car, come on." He said and walked to the other side again stepping into his car.

Zayn's P.O.V

After Harry went I heard my sister gasp, I looked over at her but she wasn't in her coffin. I turned around and suddenly I got pushed against the wall and stabbed with a stake.

"Go to hell Zayn!" Melanie yelled.



"We need to go sister." I said opening the cardoor.

"He'll be here in a minute." She whispered.

"The hunters've found us, we need to leave." I told her grabbing her arm.

"I'm tired of running! I'm not leaving without Harry." She yelled pulling her arm away.

"I've got no time for this." I groaned.

"But I don't want to run anymore Zayn, all we do is run! I want to be with Harry." She said as her eyes got filled with tears.

"Fine, chose, him or me." I whispered.

"I chose him." She whispered as I furrowed my eyebrows at her.

Before she got to do anything I stabbed her with the dagger.

*Flashback over*

I grabbed the stake and pulled it out of me, and then dropped it down on the floor.

"Nice to see you too." I smirked but her face remained serious.

"I know you're mad at me, therefor I brought you a little surprise. He'll be here soon, but meanwhile, I bet you're hungry." I told her.

Harry's P.O.V

I walked back down and saw that the security guy that was there was laying on the floor with blood around him. And then I spotted Melanie standing up on her feets next to the man wiping away the blood on her chin.

"Harry." She said in a surprised tone.

"Melanie." I said walking over to them.

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