Visit - City of Bones - 24h

Joshua is sent to New York to eliminate the threat that Cassandra Clare has made by exposing the Downworld. Little did he know, that destiny had something else in store for him. (for City of Bones 24 hour contest)


1. Decision

‘That woman has gone too far. Did she really think she could get away with this? Documenting our world and then selling it off as fiction to the world. Ever since she created that book “City of Bones” there have been mortals running around trying to find it.’ Jowack said fuming with anger. Ever since Cassandra Clare had grown tired of the Downworld and living an ordinary life as just another shadowhunter , she wished for fame and fortune. Sadly, it was at the expense of exposing a part of our community. An essential part at that. I get where Jowack is coming from, she did after all expose us. Luckily this is an age where mere mortals do not believe in such things as supernatural beings even though it wasn’t that long ago that most of these supernatural beings were worshipped while being feared at the same time. ‘Council, I beg of you. Send one of us to clean up the mess she has made.’ Jowack suddenly blurted out. I could see that he did it with great difficulty, after all even suggesting such a thing to the Council of all people is very difficult, especially if such a suggestion would most likely cost you your life. However, all of us are in for a shock, because the Council is actually thinking about it.

The Council stood up and announced that they would discuss this matter further in private and that all Leaders were to gather again in two hours. Like this, two hours passed. The Council members had no choice, there was no other way possible but to do as Jowack had said.

It’s not like anyone wasn’t thinking it. The idea came to me as well, but I honestly kept it to myself because I didn’t really care that much. I know I’m one of the Leaders and everything, but I honestly don’t care about these mortal affairs, I’ve got enough on my plate as it is since a war is becoming eminent in my world.

‘Joshua’ a Council member suddenly said. I was pulled out of my thoughts abruptly by this voice. I wonder why I, of all people, am being called. ‘Yes, my liege.’ I ask.

‘The Council has decided to send you to this city called New York. You are to eliminate this threat. Listen carefully, boy. Cassandra is merely a writer, a voice if you will, of a far darker power. A power which will always be present, greed. We do not care about what she has written because we do not have reason to believe that mortals will actually believe anything that is written in her books. She’s just like JK Rowling after all. Rowling exposed the magic school where all warlocks and witches are taught, but after her initial success with this new idea it didn’t go any further. Of course she gathered great fame and fortune, but she was a mere witch. I urge you to notice that she was a mere witch. We had to prevent her from exposing any more than she already had, so her memory was erased and she was stripped of her powers. She still remembers everything but if she tries to recall it, or tries to ever locate anything that relates to our worlds, she will experience so much pain that It will result in her death. Luckily for her, she knows that well enough. The same is to be done with Cassandra. She knows too much. We do not kill our own. Remember that.’ The Council member said staring down at Joshua. Joshua was stumped, he did not know what to do. He was so confused by what had just happened.

Before everything became clear and was sunk in he was sent to New York and given a more mortal appearance. Only those whose Eyes have been enlightened can see his true appearance. That of a true Leader.

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