Visit - City of Bones - 24h

Joshua is sent to New York to eliminate the threat that Cassandra Clare has made by exposing the Downworld. Little did he know, that destiny had something else in store for him. (for City of Bones 24 hour contest)


6. Cassandra

Joshua and Lara arrive at Cassandra's house and sneak in. They see that she's sitting in a chair as if she was waiting for them.

' I'm so sorry', she suddenly tells them as she gets up. 'I was just bait to catch a big fish like you, Joshua'. Cassandra walks out of the room and the Council member who had sent the both of them here suddenly appears before them through a portal.

'Joshua, Lara, we hereby strip you of your titles, powers, vision, memory. The both of you are to forget everything about our worlds and will live as mortals from this moment forward.' He announces.

Suddenly vines come out of the floor, the roof the windows and tie the both of them together making them unable to move. The Council member walks towards them and starts mumbling some words whilst putting his hands on Joshua's and Lara's foreheads.

'WHY?!' Both Joshua and Lara scream as he's doing this to them.

'You may not understand, I doubt you ever will' Cassandra said walking in whilst wearing a robe belonging solely to Council members. 'But you need to know this, the both of you are a threat to what's about to happen. You may not know why we're doing this, but it's for your own good. There was no other way.' Cassandra finally spoke before walking through the portal.

The Council member finishes and follows Cassandra through the portal, leaving Joshua and Lara who've fainted lying on the floor. The vines slowly start disappearing.
All that's left in that room are Joshua and Lara holding each other's hands unknowingly, a portal that's about to close and ticking time watches.

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