False Alarm

24 Hour Contest


4. END

    "...she is already fine." A matured voice declared. 

    "Thank God," Another familiar voice praised.

    "She'll wake up after a few minutes. I bet."

    "Hopefully." A worried voice said. 

    Noisy. I feel heavy, I can't move my fingers quite much and my eyelids are heavy but managed to open them when familiar faces came to look at me. Just a foot away from my face, my mom  smiled widely with her lips too stretched in happiness. Far away was my father, he showed a wide grin but not competitive from my mom's

    I gave them all a questioning look. "Is this heaven?" I asked.

    They all started laughing in relief but somehow created an image of stupidity in me. 


    "You're such a brave girl, honey. I knew it, that you can take it. Too many lives but worth the risk." 

    "Jasper? Aunt?" 

    "They are being taken cared of." 

    And with that I knew what they actually meant.

    Sorry. I thought in sorrow. 

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