This is my entry for the city of bones competition. A story inspired by city of bones following the story of the girl named Ashlin.


2. Little Angel

I suppose the dreams were right, just falling endlessly and unable to breathe. Just helpless. Awaiting the end as it nears at a rapid pace. But its not come. Gentle arm pluck me out the air and hold me tightly against their body, Warm and safe. I open my eyes and stare up at my savior. A boy around his twenties I would say, With golden brown scruffy hair mopped on top of this head. A smirk stretched across his face and dark brown eyes glowing down at me, he carefully places me back on my own two feet. 

"You know, you could hurt your self trying to fly, little angel" He spoke so softly, as if talking to a baby "You should wait till your wings have grown"

"I'm not an angel, I fell out the tree" I replied thinking how stupid it sounded

"Well then angel maybe you should be more careful, I won't always be around to save you" His grin had trapped me.

"I don't need saving I was perfectly fine" The words tumbled out my mouth, of course I wasn't fine, I nearly fell to my death "and stop calling me angel, my names Ashlin"

"Why were you in the tree? spying on me or did you just decide to follow a bird at five in the morning?" His voice was so capturing paired with his grin "either way they're very stupid things to do Angel"

"I told you my names not Angel! I woke up early and I was thinking if you must know. What's your name and why are you in the park at this time then?" 

"Why should I tell you any thing little angel? I don't really know you or what you might do with this information. You could be stalking me for all I know" He was getting on my nerves a bit or should be but I was still enchanted by everything about him.

"I can promise you I'm not stalking you"

"your promises mean nothing to me but my name is Brayden an  if you want to know what I was doing Angel, follow me" I couldn't answer he was already striding away through the trees. I had no option but to follow. I would have followed anyway. He was mesmerizing even the way he walked with purpose and meaning. He was wearing a Jeans and black shirt which was baggy but you could still see his muscles straining the fabric. A question ran through my mind only to be answered by myself, was he single? course not. 

I followed him through the bushes and trees clumsily tripping over twigs and tree roots as the woods grew thicker and darker. I had never been this far in before and if it wasn't for Brayden walking a few paces in front I would be scared of what was lurking around in the shadows. Brayden seemed to know exactly where he was going never stumbling or hesitating.

Light seemed to be emanating from ahead and as we edged closer I saw a small clearing with a fire placed in the middle. Around seventeen dark shapes were gathered around the fire, huddled together talking and laughing. Its obvious that this is where Brayden is heading. He stopped and without turning grabbed my wrist tight enough to bruise. He dragged me forward into the clearing and the others fell silent and stared.

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