One Life, One Chance

Rosella’s life has just been turned into a living nightmare, and she’s at a dead end. Can five crazy mofos help her discover her talent, her confidence... while one of them steals her heart?


2. Run Away

The cool breeze blew softly through my hair as I sat on the railing of my balcony. I couldn’t go down stairs and out the front door because my parents had locked the door and changed the code for the security system, so here I sat deciding whether or not to jump down. I sighed, lifting my legs back over the railing and walked over to my bed. Kneeling down I pulled my duffel bag out from underneath and went back over to the balcony. “This is the only way I can get out, I have to jump down even if I break or twist my ankle.” I muttered as I lifted the duffel bag over the railing and let it drop to the ground. Grabbing my jacket and phone I quickly turned off the light and walked back over to the balcony. Climbing over the railing I quickly took one last look around my room and then let myself drop down next to my bag.

“Shit!” I hissed, I landing on the ground, managing to twist my ankle in the process. “I hope they didn’t hear that.” I muttered as I looked up at my parents’ bedroom window. Quickly grabbing my duffel bag and lifting in over my shoulder, I slowly and quietly started making my way down the driveway. Once around the corner I placed my bag on the ground and sat down. My breathing had become hard in those few moments and my heart was beating so fast I swear you could hear it from a mile away. Slowly I pulled my shoe off and then my sock to see how bad my ankle was. “Well at least it’s not broken.” I said to myself as I put my sock and shoe back on. “Now, where am I to go from here?” I asked myself, looking down the black street with only the street lights for help. Sighing, I slowly lifted myself up and grabbed my bag from the ground, making my way down the street, hoping I was going towards town.

By the time I had made it to town the sun was just starting to rise over the trees. Slowly, I made my way to the train station. I was dressed in a pair of faded old jeans and a favourite shirt and hoodie, because I knew I'd need to be comfortable and warm, and wear something easy to move in. If I couldn't find my aunt in London, I'd have literally nowhere to go. The streets would be my only option; I wanted to be invisible in a crowd. “Excuse me? How much is a ticket to London?” I asked the lady at the service desk, pulling out the little money I had. “One way or round trip?” She asked tiredly. “You’re kidding right? One way.” I said, putting my money on the counter. She took the right amount and handed me my ticket. I thanked her, pocketing the last of my money and the ticket and made my way over to the train. As I sat down in my seat I pulled my phone out from my pocket and looked at the photos of me and my family that I had taken over the time I had it. I smiled when I came to a photo of me and my dog Britt, she was a cute dog and I knew that I was going to miss her. My parents had gotten her for me for my sixth birthday, I hardly went anywhere without her.

As I continued to look through the photos I hadn’t realised that I had been crying until a tear drop fell onto my phone screen. Wiping my cheeks, I put my headphones in and my phone back into my pocket as I looked out of the buses window and watched everything go by. This is it, my chance at starting a new life and maybe later on getting my parents back. I thought to myself as I closed my eyes and had the beautiful voices of One Direction lull me to sleep.

“Miss? Miss? We’re in London.” A voice said to me as I tiredly opened my eyes. I thanked the lady who was kind enough to stop and wake me up and made my way off of the bus and into the fresh air. Taking in my surroundings, I frowned in confusion. I knew my aunt lived around here somewhere but my father hasn’t talked to her for almost fourteen years, the last thing we heard was that she lived somewhere in London. I had no idea where to go from here… but I guess my best bet would be the Portland Place BBC studios, where she used to work as a stylist. I had no idea if she was still there, but at least it was a starting point. I couldn’t do this on my own, that much was obvious. My money was already tight and I didn’t want to pawn anything unless I absolutely had to; so, finding my Aunt Karen it was.

It was around two o’clock when I finally found the BBC studio, after haven gotten lost a total of three times. Looking up at the 12 story building, the sun reflected off of the windows. Sighing, I continued making my way into the building. “Can I help you?” The receptionist asked, looking up from the computer as I walked in. “Umm…. I was wondering, does Karen Mathews still work here?” I asked, walking over to the desk.

“Let me see.” The receptionist said, turning to the computer and typing in some letters. “Ah, here we are, Karen Mathews. Yes, her office is on the eighth floor. Who should I say is here?” She asked, turning back to me. “Her niece Rosella.” I said, smiling. She nods, turning to the phone and pressing a number. “Miss Mathews, you have a visitor down here, she says she’s your niece.” The receptionist said, nodding her head as she listened. “Of course, Miss.” She said, putting the phone back down and turning to me. “Go right up.” She said before going back to work.

I walked over to the lifts and hit the up button. While waiting I took my phone out of my pocket and saw that I had 25 missed calls from my mum and 50 missed calls from my dad. I just rolled my eyes and put it back into my pocket and got into the lift, pressing the button with 8 on it.

The lift stopped a couple of times on the way up letting other people on and off. I just stood in the back listening to music when I saw someone very familiar get on from the third floor. It can’t be! Is that Aunt Lou? I thought to myself. Shaking my head, I looked through my phone for a recent picture of my Aunt Lou. “OMG!” I whispered/shouted making everyone in the lift turn and look at me. “Oops, sorry.” I said, shyly. The lift finally got to the eighth floor and I stepped out with some other people and my Aunt Lou. “Aunt Lou?” I said, watching her stop and turn around. “It’s me, Rosella! Ella’s daughter!” I said, hoping she would realise who I was. “Rosella? Oh my god, you’ve grown so much!” She said, walking back over to me and pulling me in for a hug. “I sure have. It’s been nine years since I last saw you. Mum said that you and her had been keeping in touch but you were too busy to come down and visit us!” I said, pulling back from the hug. “She was right. Why are you here?” She asked, raising an eyebrow. I sighed and looked away from her. “I ran away! Mum and Dad are forcing me into an arranged marriage! They won’t let me live my life; Mother didn’t even do anything when my Father almost hit me.” I said, tears now rolling down my cheeks. “That sounds nothing like the Ella I know.” Aunt Lou said, wiping my cheeks. “I actually came here to see Aunt Karen but I think you will do.” I said, smiling at her.

“Why don’t we go into my office?” She asked, smiling back at me. “Yeah, that would be good.” I laughed a bit, following her to her office door. “I have to warn you, I am a stylist and I’ve been working with this boy-band for a while now and I was ment to have a meeting with them about when we’re leaving for their world tour so they might be waiting in here for me. I hope you don’t mind.” She told me once she stopped at the door. “It’s alright, I’ll just sit down out of the way and wait till you’ve finished.” I said as she opened her office door to reveal none other than ONE-BLOODY-DIRECTION!!! “Ah, boys it’s nice to see you all again, sorry I’m late, I ran into my niece in the hallway.” Aunt Lou said. I stood there speechless, looking from my Aunt to the Boys and back. I quickly shook my head and walked over to my Aunt. “You didn’t tell me that you’re now the stylist for One Direction.” I whispered to her, putting my bag down next to her desk. “You didn’t ask.” She whispered back, smiling. I looked over at the boys and smiled. A buff guy-I’m guessing the boy’s bodyguard-was the first to talk. “That is quite alright Lou. The boys have been able to keep themselves entertained.” He said.

Aunt Lou smiled and shook his hand. “Of course they have.” She laughed. “It’s nice to see you again Simon.” She said, sitting down across from them. “It’s nice to see you again too Lou. And if you’ll excuse me I have another meeting to get to.” Simon Cowell said, standing up and walking out of the office. “Aunt Lou, I should really go find Aunt Karen, it would be nice to see her. I’ll come back once you’re done.” I said, trying to keep myself from looking at the boys. “Alright, hun.” Aunt Lou said, giving me a quick hug before I turned around and walked out the door.

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