Your Mine Now And Forever (Harry Styles)

Jade Amelia Jansen is a senior in high school. She is everything a guy would want but she always turns them down. Harry Styles is the towns boxing champion. When they meet everything goes from good to worse. Worse to amazing. But can they change each other? Read more and find ouot


1. Chapter 1

Today was a pupil free day at school. So I decided to go to the gym early. I go to the gym every day of the week. I like keeping fit. But there is another reason why I go there. Its because a handsome boxer always trains when I am them. He has amazing abs and biceps. Chocolate brown curly hair. Emerald Green eyes.  Dimples to die for. Tattoos and is the towns boxing champion. Yes I am talking about Harry Styles. And I know he wouldn't love someone like me. He probably has a girlfriend anyway.


Once I got to the gym. I paid and walked in with my towel and drink bottle. I started on the weights. I saw Harry walk in. Oh my god. He was wearing a V-neck t-shirt. Showing off his bird tattoos. I shook my head and went back to what I was going. I closed my eyes for a second taking a massive breath. When they opened I saw Harry looking at me.


"Hi" I said.


Harry smiled making his dimples appear. "Hi. 50 kgs on the weights. You must be some girl" Harry smirked.


I smiled. "I'm stronger than I look and better."


Harry smiled. He knew I was challenging him.


"Harry get in here. Stop chatting up the girl" A boy yelled.


Harry rolled his eyes. "Coming. Later babe" He said and winked.


I put the weights back onto the bar and sat up. He did not just call me babe. Did he? I grabbed my drink bottle and took some water. I looked at the clock. I did the weights for 30 minutes. I didn't even know. Wow. I was walking to the zumba area when I saw Harry training. His biceps kept showing. Man they where hot. I turned and walked off.


"Hey" Harry said stopping me. Shit he must have caught me staring. Play cool Jade don't you dare muck this up. "Do you want to train with me?" Harry asked.


I nearly died. "Me. A girl you barley know. Only talked to once. I would but I can't. I only have another hour here" I said.


Harry smirked. "Babe. I see you all the time watching me" He said brushing the hair out of my face.


"And you only just decided to talk to me and ask me to box with you. Nope sorry" I said.


"Please Jade" Harry said begging. His eyes shining.


I rolled my eyes. "Okay fine. Wait how did you know my name?" I asked.


"All in due time. Come" He said and we walked into the boxing ring. He handed me some red gloves. I smiled and put them on. I watched as Harry put on pads and stood still with his arms up. He can't be serious. Can he?


"Have you ever hit someone before?" He asked.


"Yeah my ex" I said. My ex boyfriend cheated on me two years ago. I broke his nose and two of his ribs. That's why I don't like dating. Harry smiled.


"Punch into the pads okay" Harry said.


I nodded and did what he said. But my punches started off strong and went weak at the end. Harry was smiling though. He put his hands down.


"Rule one in fighting. Always have your thump in your fist so when you punch someone your thump won't break. Rule two believe you can do it and rule three make yourself go" Harry said. I nodded and tried again. Harry would always smiled. "Good" He said.


"Do you enjoy boxing?" I asked.


Harry nodded. "Yeah. When I got out there and hear the crowd scream my name I feel like that is where I belong in that ring. Fighting for victory."


I nodded. I feel the same when I sing at gigs and shows. To hear people cheer you on as you get the high note and sing a perfect song. I still can't believe that HARRY STYLES is teaching me how to box. I mean all the other girls in the world. He chose me. A no one. Someone who used to watch him train. Someone who has been hurt but hides it in their smile.


My mind went blank when Harry tackled me gently to the ground. I giggled and looked at him.


"So this is what you like girls on the bottom?" I asked smirked.


"No actually I like them anywhere" He said.


I smiled and looked at my watch. "I should get going my time is up and I have work."


Harry stood up and held his hand out. I grabbed it, Harry pulled me up. Our faces where inches apart. But I cleared my throat and looked away.


"Thanks for the training session and tips. I should go though" I said grabbing my things and left. Once outside I got into my car and drove away. I took a massive breath in the front seat. Today is so unreal. I wonder if its a dream?

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