The Only Thing That Keeps Me Going

I don't know how I got into this situation, or how I will get out of it. I was just hanging out with the future One Direction. They all have lovely voices and they should really do something with it. They are all my best friends, however I have a secret crush on Niall. I was watching them rehearse when, it happened. Now nothing can ever be the same again....


5. The Arrival

We landed in an African airport just outside The Sahara Desert. The three men paid a taxi driver, but Harry and I were the only ones to get into it. We were driven right into the centre of the vast wasteland. After an hour of continuous driving into no-where, a small, run-down building emerged. The taxi driver stopped just outside.

"Get out." Said the taxi driver.

We did as he said. Once again, I clung to Harry like my life depended on it. The taxi drove away and another man appeared, with the front door open, waiting for us to come in. 

When we were sat in the registrar office, which was a one roomed building, three bulky men were muttering to each other in African. Sitting in a chair all by myself made me feel scared. What if they split Harry and I up? Our chairs were quite far apart and I began to shiver in the blistering heat. It wasn't until 5 long minutes had passed did the three men look up at us. One man was searching for something in the cupboards behind the desk. Eventually, he pulled out what looked like an orange jumpsuit with the number 3 on it, as well as an orange hat, some brown, leather flip-flops and a bottle of sun cream. The man handed it to the man behind him. He then walked up to Harry, who immediately stood up. He handed Harry the items, and they walked off not saying a word. Harry gave a last pitying glance back at me.

I was now all by myself and was up to the point of being so scared I could cry, but miraculously, I didn't. Now two men were left and the man started to search through the cupboards again. The other one stared at me with utter loathing. Again, the man pulled out an orange jumpsuit, this time, with the number 4 on it. He handed the pile of items to the other man. He then sat back down at his desk and pulled out a cigarette. Like Harry, I stood up when the man approached me. He handed me the clothes and the sun cream, then ushered me out of the door.

We walked across the sand to two cuboid buildings, they looked like chalets opposite each other. I now recognized two rows of cells facing each other. On the left, they labelled 1-6, and on the right, 7-12. There were three solid walls and a roof. The floor was sand and the whole front area were just bars. As we walked down the corridor inbetween the 12 cells, I looked into Cell number 1, with Zayn, in an orange jumpsuit, sleeping in a typical cell bed. My heart rose when I saw him. Right next to him however, in Cell 2, lay Louis on his bed reading a book, he too, was wearing an orange jumpsuit. When he saw us walk past, he jumped up and ran up to the bars.

"Charlie?" He muttered.

I tried my best to smile at him as I was over joyed to see him but I darn't say a word. Then we passed Cell 3, with Harry just zipping up his jumpsuit now. Finally, we reached Cell 4. The man who guided me here pulled out a large wad of keys from his pocket and unlocked the cell door. I stepped inside, he then re-locked the door and walked away. Once everyone was sure he was gone, Louis and Zayn (who had now woken up) started talking to each other. I sat down nervously on the very neatly made bed, sitting bolt upright, not moving.

I was knocked of my trance however, as Harry started talking to me from next door.

"You need to get changed Charlie, someone will be here in 10 minutes to collect our old clothes."

"Okay." I replied.

I started to undress and slowly pulled on my jumpsuit which was way too big for me. I slipped my pumps off and carefully placed my feet into the flip-flops which were surprisingly just the right size. As I dumped my clothes on the bottom of the bed, I began to inspect my cell. Next to the bed sat a bed-stand with a battery powered lamp, an old-fashioned alarm clock, a hair brush, hair pins e.t.c, deodorant and a plastic cup with with a tooth brush and toothpaste in.

Then, I inspected the drawers. In the top drawer, there was some boxers, luckily however, to my great relief, it had a note saying "do ask for knickers, bra's and pads if needed". Well, it's good to know they thought ahead. In the second drawer, there was some mouse traps, fly spray/squatter and a mini feather duster for spiders. Then, the realization hit me. I was in The Sahara Desert, with scorpions, huge arachnids and other creepy-crawlies. I thought that, being kidnapped would be worse than this because it seems the people here have thought of everything. But every other living thing has made my worst nightmares come true.

"Zayn!" I shouted across to him as he had been here the longest.

"Yup," He said, quite relaxed while I was paranoid.

"Do you have any problems with scorpions and stuff?" I asked.

"Oh, you must be looking in the drawers, not scorpions no because there's no food here. You might see a couple outside the lunch hall but that's it really." 

"What about spiders, or-or lizards?" Now I was freaking out.

"Well," He said. "Obviously, with those three particular animals, it's a food chain. You do get some dangerous spiders, and they will attract lizards who will attract scorpions. But don't worry, there aren't many lizards around here. So, yeah."


I could hear Louis laughing; he always found me and spiders an amusing subject.

"Don't worry Charlie," Harry peacefully contributed, trying to calm me down. "You'll be fine."

"Yeah, yeah" I quickly responded. I could still hear Louis laughing. "Oh shut up Louis!" That only made the other two laugh which then made me laugh too.

I then looked in third drawer, which was full of books, it had the Harry Potter series, the Twilight saga, Miranda Hart's autobiography, and loads of other books.

In the last drawer, there was a plain A4 note-pad, a lined A5 note-pad, pens, pencils, colouring pencils and felt-tips. Well, at least we won't get bored. 

On the other side of the cell, there was a grubby toilet, a grimy sink, and to my joy, a mirror! It won't be so bad here after all.....

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