The Only Thing That Keeps Me Going

I don't know how I got into this situation, or how I will get out of it. I was just hanging out with the future One Direction. They all have lovely voices and they should really do something with it. They are all my best friends, however I have a secret crush on Niall. I was watching them rehearse when, it happened. Now nothing can ever be the same again....


8. Prison Routine

When we woke up the next morning, Harry was safely in his cell with a black eye and multiple bruises on his arms and legs like he's been burnt with cigarettes. Right now, we are having breakfast with an awkward silence. Niall is okay thank god. It's sweet that Louis hasn't left either of their sides. Harry's had the worst though. I don't know what to do. I feel so helpless. I wonder what's happening at home. My mum, dad and younger brother probably shitting themselves senseless with worry. If only I could see their faces again, just to talk to them. Louis' already mentioned Eleanor. Liam can't stop talking about Danielle and I wonder how Zayn's coping with missing Perrie. He hasn't seemed say much since we've been here. I bet we're all on TV now. Police doing everything they can to look for us. I hope all of our families are joining forces. I'd hate it if my family were just wallowing alone, with no-one to talk to about it.

"What do they even want with us?" I wondered aloud.

There was a sigh from everyone. Finally, Harry chocked his first word since, well, it happened.

"Something. I was tied to a chair in the registrar office. The two dick heads were mainly just shouting at each other, they weren't talking English, I don't think they can. Then they started screaming at me in African, waiting for an answer. I had no idea what they said and I told them that. Every time I told them that I didn't know what they were saying, they, hurt me. Finally, one of them came right up to my face and said "behave". Then, I was escorted back to my cell, you were all fast asleep. Clearly we know something they don't, but the question is, what?"

Everyone listened with pity. However, we were all now confused. Suddenly, our attention turned to Niall as he started talking.

"Yesterday, well, it was weird. Being woken up like that certainly isn't something I was expecting."

"I know you mean mate." Louis piped up.

"You do?"

"Yeah," Zayn contributed. "We went through it too."

"Huh. Well, what about you three?"

"We weren't brought here unconscious." Harry said, gesturing to me.

"I guess I woke up in time?" Liam sort of asked the rest of us. We all just nodded.

What do we know? I'm just 12 who had a shitty but good life at the same time and I was happy. I've never done anything, I don't know anything. I guess what I'm going to miss most is food, my bed and the TV show Skins. I know what your thinking but everyone my age watches Skins, The Inbetweeners, Misfits and South Park. And Nicholas Hoult is hot.

However, I was pulled out of my thoughts as Niall brightened the mood for everyone.

"Is there seconds?"

We all just laughed while Niall sat there like "what you laughing at fool?"

"We felt just like Oliver Twist the other day." Louis stated.

"Yeah only because you brought up Oliver Twist and short straws" I retorted.

"Yeah, well, someone was bound to anyway."

"Yeah," Zayn said. "Like you."

"Well everyone was thinking it."

"But only you would bring it up."

In all our enjoyment, I realised Harry wasn't laughing. He was just staring at me with a concerned look on his face.

"Are you okay?" I asked him so that the others couldn't hear.

"I'm so sorry."

"What? Why?" But we were interrupted as we went back to our cells.

What could he possibly mean? Are they going to do something to me? I'm slightly scared now. 

*******end of the day*********

That night as we were all sleeping, someone came walking down the cells. I didn't think anything of it as they sometimes keep watch. It was when he started unlocking my cell door that I started screaming.

"What are doing?" I asked panicky.

"CHARLIE!" I heard Harry shout.

Then, he put the cloth up to my mouth and I was once again drugged and swimming in blackness.


Harry's P.O.V:

No! This is what I dreaded. While I was tied to the chair the other night, I heard one of them say "Fuck the bitch." 

"CHARLIE!" I shouted again. There was no answer. Of course there's no fucking answer! What can I do? He's just raping her with no-one to stop him. "SHE'S FUCKING THIRTEEN!" I heard it get more....intense. The bastard!

And it's her birthday today.

"What's happening?" I heard Liam ask in a sleepy voice. They where all awake now.

"HE'S RAPING CHARLIE!" I shouted now pacing around my cell, ripping my hair out.

"FUCKING STOP!" Niall shouted. We were all in tears for her.


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