The Only Thing That Keeps Me Going

I don't know how I got into this situation, or how I will get out of it. I was just hanging out with the future One Direction. They all have lovely voices and they should really do something with it. They are all my best friends, however I have a secret crush on Niall. I was watching them rehearse when, it happened. Now nothing can ever be the same again....


2. 2 Years Ago

I can't believe my 13th birthday is coming up! The guys said they had something special planned but I've never been good with surprises and the anticipation is just killing me! As I wake up in my scratchy bed, I cross off another day in my calender. Just two weeks to go. I quickly scoff down my breakfast and tell my mum that I'm going to go to Liam's house.

"Oh, but mum, why can't I go? I'm just going to be sitting around watching them rehearse."

"I'm not going to let you spend a whole day, alone with five 19 year old boys!"

"Jesus Christ mum! They are old family friends. You've known them since they were born."

"That's beside the point!"

"Why is this the first time your putting up a fight? What's different this time than all of the other times?"

"You where either in public or their parents were around!"

"OH MY GOD! Are you serious? Like are you actually for real? You're worried my oldest friends are going to rape me?"

"Of course not--"

"Then let me go. Please."

"And how are you getting there?"

"Can you drive me please?"

"OK, but I'll text you every 10 minutes."

"Ugghhhhh whatever."

"How about every five just to annoy you."

I chuckled as I got into the muddy, dark green car.


When mum dropped me off, I knocked on Liam's front door. They were all like brothers to me, however, I'm starting to get more awkward around Niall each time I talk to him. He's just perfect in every way. I know that we are 6 years apart but, talking realistically, when we are 20 and 26, the gap isn't so big. Anyway, as I looked down, waiting for someone to answer the door,  I finally realised what I hurriedly pulled on this morning: a baggy, purple jumper, really weird, baggy trousers and some pumps which really didn't go with what I was wearing, and my hair was in a messy bun.

Since no-one answered the door, I crept round the back to immediately hear a deafening burst of music. As I slid through the back door, I saw Niall and Harry in the kitchen; Harry probably cooking lunch, and Niall looking for snacks in the fridge.  

"HEY!" I shouted over the music to them.

"Hey." Harry replied as the music died down.

Niall simply put his hand up signaling me to wait a minute as he had his mouth full and he was still searching for something in the fridge.

"Niall!" Harry said a bit agitated. "I'm making lunch. Stop eating!"

"I'll still eat it. Hi Charlie!" Niall said

"Hey!" I said laughing at them.

"How are things?" Harry wondered trying to make conversation.

"You know, the usual. My mum was reluctant to let me come here though."

"Why?" Niall asked curiously, his arms now packed with all sorts of crisps.

"I really don't know to be honest. The only thing I picked was that she was scared that you guys were gonna rape me or something, so after I said that, she let me go."

"Weird." Niall said.

"I know right?"

As the music started again, we all decided to go upstairs and join the others. I followed Harry up the stairs and Niall was in front of him.

"THE NEIGHBORS MUST LOVE YOU GUYS!" I shouted to them as we entered Liam's bedroom.

Immediately, Louis and Liam stopped playing their electric guitars (at full volume) and we said hi to each other.

"Where's Zayn?" I asked.

"Dunno." Louis replied. "He might not be feeling well but it's not like him not to text us if he is, or if he's missing a day of rehearsals."

"Well, lunch is ready anyway." Harry said.

 "What's for lunch?" Liam and Niall asked at the same time. (Though Niall said it more enthusiastically).

"Chicken fajita's." 

"Mmm," I said. "I love them."

"I know right?!" Niall said.

I just laughed at him. Did I laugh right? Oh Jesus, I'm going mad! I look at him like he's some celebrity I'm dying to meet. They will all be celebrities though, their band One Direction will hit the charts one day.

As we sat down on the sagging sofa to eat our lunch, (me sat next to Niall) a news reporter suddenly interrupted the program we were watching. All of a sudden our faces fell. A photo of Zayn was on TV. He was missing.


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