Four Given

Sequel to "Too Late To Apologize" so you'll really have to read that first.

Harley and Niall Horan are now proud parents of Karey and Leo. Makayla and Zayn take the next step while Liz and Louis take one step back. Harley has to raise these two kids while Niall is still in One Direction. Will Harley be able to handle it? And will One Direction have to realize that forever young can't really be forever? Find out in this sequel that just might be as good as the first.


10. The End Of This

                                                         15 Years Later...


Niall and I:   Well, we're still going strong. We do miss Karey but we're great. We still act like we're 20 even though we're like 40 now. I love him SO much and I know he loves me just the same. I've grown and even got a job as an author. Surprise. Niall quit Nando's and is now the manager of a new band called Four Given. We're just so in love.

Karey: Karey grew up and married a man she met in college. His name, Louis Haman. Well, she married a Louis, I'll give her that. Karey is an intelligent and beautiful young woman. Louis and Karey have also given me something special... MY FIRST GRANDCHILD! His name is Harold and he is 5 months old. YAY

Leo: Leo still lives with us and he is 16 years old. He grew up to look like me and is a great artist. Niall still can't get over how alike he and I are to each other. Even though him and Karey are just alike. At least Leo has his dad's eyes. We haven't told him about what happened when Karey was little and we don't plan to. It would just make me cry again. Leo James Horan is a big heartbreaker. 

Harry: Harry ended up marrying a girl by the name of Agustina from Argentina. We've met and she is now one of my best friends. Harry and I are the closest friends ever! We spend a lot of time with each other and have a blast! I love Harry. And his little daughter Darcy is the cutest.

Liz and Louis: They are so cute as husband and wife! They are so in love and they even had a daughter named.... Haley Tomlinson. Cute, huh? YES! She is 14 years and has light brown hair. Her eyes are blue green and she has faint dimples. Plus, she is Leo's GIRLFRIEND oooooohhhhhh I KNOW!

Makayla and Zayn: They aren't married yet but they will be in 3 months. They had a set back when Perrie tried to get Zayn back. MAKAYLA WAS MAD. She ran to my house in tears and that's when Zayn popped the question. On my doorstep, in tears, with a big diamond ring. Luckily, she said yes and now Harley gonna be a maid of honor.

          Niall's P.O.V.


                        "Harley, come to bed. How long until that story is over?" I groaned to my wife who was at the computer still typing her sequel to a famous book of her's. "One more sentence babe," she glued her eyes to the keyboard. "Done!" she jumped, printing the rest and putting it in the stack. "Here," she handed it to me. I read the title out loud. "Four Given. Sequel to Too Late To Apologize."

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