Four Given

Sequel to "Too Late To Apologize" so you'll really have to read that first.

Harley and Niall Horan are now proud parents of Karey and Leo. Makayla and Zayn take the next step while Liz and Louis take one step back. Harley has to raise these two kids while Niall is still in One Direction. Will Harley be able to handle it? And will One Direction have to realize that forever young can't really be forever? Find out in this sequel that just might be as good as the first.


3. Dealing With The Baby

                                   Harley's P.O.V.


                                            How can I describe my son? Beautiful, amazing, precious, and yet he's also the reason I haven't gotten any sleep in 3 weeks. Niall helps but I still have to take care of him most of the time. He sleeps a lot but when he wakes, it's pure hell sometimes. To be honest. I love him to death but that child won't shut up. "Princess," Niall called from behind me as I was bent over the sink drinking tea. I turned around to see him with a worried look on his face. "Yeah babe," I put my tea down and wrapped my arms around his neck. "Are you okay baby girl?" he kissed my lips softly. "Leo's tough Horan," I buried my face in his neck. "Baby, take a nap. You need it. Don't worry about the kids. I got it," he kissed my neck. "I do want you bad right now, but go take a nap in the bed. Trust me," he laid his forehead against mine as we stared into each other's eyes. "You sure?" I asked. He nodded. "Thanks Nialler, I love you," I kissed his cheek. "I love you too. Now go," he spanked me. I ran upstairs and climbed into the bed. I closed my eyes and immediately fell asleep. 


                                     Niall's P.O.V.


                                                  "Mummy!" Karey yelled running downstairs. "Shh, mummy's taking a nap," I told her. "Oh well, can I have some apple juice daddy?" she asked. "Of course sweetie," I reached to the top shelf and grabbed the juice. I poured it into a Disney princess cup and handed it to her. "Thank you," she went and sat down on the couch. I jumped as I heard loud crying come from Leo's room. I heard a screech from my bedroom door and hurried up the stairs. I saw Harley walking tiredly towards the nursery. I stopped her in her tracks. "No baby girl go back to bed. I got it," I kissed her cheek and she trailed off into the bedroom. I entered the nursery and took my beautiful son in my arms. I started to sing softly to him. "Hush little baby, don't you cry, daddy must tell mummy bye bye bye. But don't you worry love, please don't cry. Daddy'll come back I promise this time. I still love you please remember, I'll be back come September," I sang. That's what's happening next week. One Direction has to go on another tour to keep us alive in the music biz. I don't know how I'll make it without my family. I'm mostly worried about Harley. Will she leave me? God I hope not. I'm in love with her so much. Every little thing about her makes me smile. She's my world and these kids are my everything. I'll tell her tomorrow. This is going to be tough.

                                                 I gently placed my son in his crib and kissed his head as he slept."Daddy," I turned to see Karey crying. "What's wrong baby girl?" I asked grabbing her arm. She quickly snatched it away. "I knew you would leave us again! You never loved mummy or Leo or me!" she ran away and slammed her bedroom door closed. "Baby girl let me in," I banged on the door. "No! Why don't you just leave and not come back until September!" she yelled.  Leo started to cry again so I ran into the nursery. 

                                        Being a dad is harder than I ever would have thought...

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