Wings are made to fly, right?

This is a story about Jemma who's been sent to Earth because she's been unable to use the wings she received to fly for some particular reason. The 'some particular reason' being a jerk who broke her heart when she was still human. Since he was the cause of her inability to fly, she's been sent to fix it. But, how can she do that when she doesn't even know who he is? Or that he is he even when he's standing right in front of her?


5. The truth?

'So, what you're basically saying is... You were dating a guy; he broke your heart and stole all of your stuff?' She inquires.

Well, it's kind of the truth... I mean, we were... Or, at least I was in love. He broke my heart. He took everything away from me, by that I mean my life and everything I care about.

She sighs deeply, and starts pondering over what I told her. I didn't really lie, now did I...? I told her as much as I possibly could, which was the truth. I just withheld the fact that I was an angel, and that this jerkface I came in search for is the reason I died and have been unable to fly for the last 2979 years. Just thinking about it pisses me off.

'So, what are you going to do about it?' The girl asks me, I should really ask her for her name.

'Before I tell you, could you at least tell me your name. I mean, I've been more open to you in the last 5 minutes than I've been with most of the people I've ever met', I tell her, not forgetting the fact that I'm still wearing nothing but am covered because of this piece of cloth which she put over me.

'Of course, my name's Kara Reynolds. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance' she says while extending her hand. I still can't move my body.

'Likewise. My name's Jemma... Jemma... Jemma S- S- Stone.' Ugh. I can't think of anything.
' I'm sorry, I can't move at all. My body is not working the way it should.

'Oh, I'm so sorry.' Kara tells me before quickly putting her hand away.

'Wait a second, if that's the case I should be calling the hospital. How could I not have noticed this?! ' She screams attracting a lot of attention while she's at it.

However, as she's about to dial a car pulls up.

'Oh my God. Hurry up! We need to take her to the hospital!'

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