Wings are made to fly, right?

This is a story about Jemma who's been sent to Earth because she's been unable to use the wings she received to fly for some particular reason. The 'some particular reason' being a jerk who broke her heart when she was still human. Since he was the cause of her inability to fly, she's been sent to fix it. But, how can she do that when she doesn't even know who he is? Or that he is he even when he's standing right in front of her?


2. Conversation

'Listen to me Jemma. I've been told that if you turn 3000 and still can't control your wings, you will no longer be able to keep them and you'll be sent to the tragedy pile that Shakespeare created. He based his stories off of true happenings which happened thousands of years ago, he was just lucky enough to find their diaries and make his own little story of it. I love you Jemma, and I don't want to see you end up like all of them. There's only one way that you'll be able to control your wings. You need to get past what happened to you. I understand that it's difficult for you, I can't believe I'm saying this. You have to find a way to get past what happened. Forgiveness. The same goes for us, if you can't forgive him then your father and I will also never be able to fly because we're weighed down by the anger and despair that jerk caused you. Because of him you...' My mother said before she started to cry. I went over to give her a hug, how could I forgive the guy who not only broke my heart and robbed me of my life but my parents... How could I possible... Wait a second. She said that I have to get past it, forgiveness...

That's not the only way is it. 'Mom, how could I ever forgive him? You should see him down there, his very being is still the same. He hasn't changed. He continues to torment those around him. Those poor girls. How can I forgive him, if he doesn't ever repent? He probably doesn't even notice what he's doing wrong?!' Tears started forming in my eyes when I said this.

' I know, my dear. That's why I asked the Archangel Michael to ask You Know Who whether it would at all be possible to give you some time to go down there to change the fate that awaits you if you fail to fly. ' My mother said suddenly stopping with crying, and holding me sternly. She was serious.

' So, what did he say?' I asked, it couldn't be possible , right? Allowing me to go to Earth for my personal vendetta again him. Right?!

' You will be given 12 full moons' time. By the time you turn 3000, that very day if you are still unable to fly... ' she suddenly became quiet. I could see how difficult this was for her.

' Our family. You, me and your father will all lose our wings and be sent away. We will be of no use here then anymore... ' Oh My...

'This is my last chance, if I fail and still can't get past what he did to me... Then, we're...'

'Yes, that's exactly what I mean.'

Looks like I'm coming to get you Jake, you will regret having screwed me over and all those other girls all these years.


Jemma stands up more determined than ever. She's determined to make him pay for what he did.

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