Find My Way

Find My Way; Kim and Zayn have been together for five years. Everyone thought there relationship was perfect. It was perfect... until one day. Kim woke up and Zayn was gone. She looked far and deep into the ocean, but no signs of him. Everyone started to get worried. Zayn left and no one knows why. He left no clues, no hints, nothing. His house was empty, the calls were dismissed, the text messages are ignored. No one knows where Zayn is. The search for a new member began. Where We Are Tour has started.... Where is Zayn?


5. 1.6

Simon: Hunter, Maximus, and John, you guys will not be going to the next round. 

Maximus: *gets sad* 

Harry: Marcus, Matt, and Terrence, you guys will be going to the semi-finals. 

Matt: *looks at Terrence and smiles* 

Terrence: *smiles back* 

Niall: Seth, Nick, and Ethan only two of you guys will be going to the semi-finals. 

Louis: And the one that will be going is... *looks at liam* 

Liam: Nick, you will be going to the semi-finals. 

Nick: *exhales* Oh my god, thank you so much. 

Liam: Thank your fans. *smiles* 

Simon: And for the two of you. Both of you are going to go against eachother and the audience will choose the winner to go on to the semi-finals. 

Ethan: *performs just the way you are* 

Audience: *cheers* 

Simon: Alright, Seth. 

Seth: *performs boyfriend* 

Audience: *cheers* 

Simon: Alright, now the audience will vote on who gets to go to the semi-finals. Give it up for Ethan! 

Audience: *makes noises* 

Simon: Give it up for Seth! 

Audience: *makes noises* 

Simon: It seem like a tie, let's vote again. Give it up for Seth! 

Audience: *makes noises* 

Simon: Now for Ethan! 

Audience: *makes noises louder* 

Simon: Well I think the fans made their decision. And it's... 

Seth: *heart beats faster* 

Ethan: *relaxes* 

Simon: Ethan! 

Ethan: *screams in excitement* 

Seth: *drops down and cries* 

Liam: *looks at the groups and walks to seth* Hey, it's gonna be ok. *smiles* 

Seth: *crying* I was so close Liam. So close that I could taste it. 

Liam: Well you're gonna be your own star someday and I'm sure Simon can sign you on your own label. *smiles* 

Seth: *cont. crying* 

Liam: *hugs seth* 

(Welcome To The Semi-Finals) 

Harry: You guys all performed very well tonight, but only three will get to the finals next week.  

Louis: Now if you all can go backstage, Simon will call you each individually for you to hear your result. 

Niall: Marcus you're first. 

Marcus: *stays behind while the others leave* 

Simon: Marcus. 

Marcus: *gives his attention to simon* 

Simon: Marcus, you will not be going to the finals. 

Marcus: *gets sad and leaves stages* 

Simon: Hello Matt. 

Matt: *smiles* Hi Simon. 

Simon: Are you ready to hear your answer? 

Matt: I'm ready Simon. 

Simon: Matt, you are going to the finals. 

Matt: *screams in excitement* Thank you! *smiles and walks off stage* 

Simon: Hello Nick. 

Nick: Hello Simon, how are you? 

Simon: I'm very good and yourself. 

Nick: Kind of nervous. *chuckles* 

Simon: Will, you don't need to because you are going to the finals. *smiles* 

Nick: *smiles big* Really? 

Simon: Really, really. 

Nick: Thank you so much Simon. *smiles and leaves the stage* 

Simon: Hello Ethan. 

Ethan: Hello Simon. 

Simon: Last week you almost didn't make it here to the semi-finals, how did you feel about that? 

Ethan: If anything I think Seth should be here in my spot because I thought he did better than me. 

Simon: Really? 

Ethan: Yes. 

Simon: Well I hate to tell you, but you should always have high spirit because you are not going to the finals. 

Ethan: *smiles* I already knew, thank you for having me come and go this far with you and the rest. * smiles and leaves the stage* 

Simon: Hello Terrence. *smiles* 

Terrence: Hello good sir. *smiles* 

Simon: Can you guys what your result is? 

Terrence: Um I don't want to say it. *smiles shy* 

Simon: It's neither a yes or no. If you guess right then I'll let you go to the finals. 

Terrence: Wow, that is hard. *laughs* 

Simon: It's a 50/50. *smiles* 

Terrence: I don't think I'm going to the finals. 

Simon: *laughs* Really? 

Terrence: Or did I? 

Simon: Eh, I'll just give it to you anyways. Terrence, you are in the final three. 

Terrence: *drops down and cries* Oh my god, this is a dream come true, thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. 

Simon: Thank you for coming. 

Terrence: *smiles and leaves the stage* 

(The Week of the Finals) 

Matt: *performs what makes you beautiful* 

Simon: Alright, thank you. 

Matt: *leaves the stage* 

Simon: Comments? 

Louis: I want to say when he did Zayn's part... *tries not to cry* He sounded almost just like Zayn. 

Harry: Yeah, agreed. 

Niall: His performance is great, he's great as a singer and rapper, but I don't think he really fits in the group. 

Simon: Why's that? 

Niall: Like Louis said you know, he does have a similar voice to Zayn's and we don't need to replace Zayn or need another Zayn. 

Simon: Zayn isn't coming back, it's already been three months. 

Liam: I think Matt has a unique voice, whether he wins or not. I'm always gonna support him. 

Simon: Alright, let's go to the next performer. 

Terrence: *performs one thing* 

Simon: Thank you Terrence.  

Terrence: *leaves the stage* 

Simon: Comments? 

Harry: There's something about Terrence's voice that just need a little arrangement. Like it's almost there, but he's not hitting it right. 

Niall: I'm a fan of Terrence; I think his voice is the one for us. 

Liam: I have to agree with Niall, Terrence has the best voice, but like Harry said, there's some parts where he's just not hitting the note right. 

Louis: I think he's a great performer, but his voice sometimes goes out of pitch.  

Simon: Ok, let's go to our last performer. 

Nick: *performs live while were young* 

Simon: Thank you Nick. 

Nick: *leaves the stage* 

Simon: Comments on Nick? 

Liam: Wow, he wows me. *laughs* 

Niall: *laughs* 

Harry: *tries not to laugh* I think he has it. He's the package we need and the fans almost booted him off. 

Simon: Ok. 

Louis: Um, I'm not much of a huge fan of his, but tonight was his best performance and I can really give it a go and say I want him. He's improved a lot and he could be our guy. 

Simon: Niall. 

Niall: *laughing* Nick is a great guy, but if he wins, they'll be to N's just like Louis and Liam with two L's and Harry would be the only H. 

Louis: So should we rename the band to NHL's. 

Niall: *laughs* No, but I like him, he's a great performer and singer. He can do both very well. I think we need him in our group. 

Simon: Alright, I think we know who the winner is now. 

Harry: Hello boys, welcome back to the stage. 

Liam: You three are the final finalist in this competition.  

Louis: You all came far and near and are at the top now. 

Niall: But eventually, only one of you may be the winner. Simon? 

Simon: Hello boys, how are we? 

Matt: Great. 

Nick: Scared. 

Terrence: Nervous. 

Liam: Alright, let's get this winner revealed. *smiles* 

Simon: *smiles* The first name I call... will not be the winner. 

Matt: *gets nervous* 

Terrence: *heart beats fast* 

Nick: *gets really nervous* 

Simon: The boys and I had a long talk and we had a hard time deciding who should be the newest member of One Direction and eventually, we came down to one of you. So... the one that will not be a member of One Direction is... 

Nick: *closes his eyes* 

Simon: Matt. 

Matt: *gets really upset/sad* 

Simon: Matt, the boys thought you were perfect for the group, but they didn't want another voice similar to Zayn's. 

Matt: You know it's ok. I had a great experience and an awesome time getting to know the boys of One Direction. It was a great one and I'll never forget. I'm just glad to say that I made it to the final three. *smiles* 

Liam: I thought you had a really unique voice Matt. I'm a huge fan of you and your music and I think I'm gonna keep supporting you and maybe one day you can be a star. *smiles* 

Matt: Thank you Liam. 

Simon: Alright, thank you Matt. 

Matt: Thank you. *smiles and leaves the stage*  

Interview 2: Matt, what's going on your mind right now? You must be feeling pretty upset right? I mean making it to the final three and not winning. 

Matt: You know, I really thought I had it, but I guess sounding like Zayn isn't gonna get me anywhere. I mean, I'm talented, I think I got the voice, but it's ok. I'll just continue with my band. *smiles and leaves the building* 

Simon: The next person that I'm going to call... will be the next member of One Direction. 

Terrence: *looks at nick* 

Nick: *even more nervous/about to cry* 

Terrence: *heart beats faster* 

Simon: Ladies and gentlemen's, boy and girls, and fans. Please welcome the newest member of One Direction... 

Nick: *takes a deep breath* 

Simon: Nick Morton! 

Nick: *cries* 

Security: *takes nick backstage* 

Terrence: *stands in silence/upset* 

Simon: Terrence. 

Terrence: Yeah. *fakes a smile* 

Simon: You almost had it. 

Terrence: I know.  

Harry: Terrence, We all agreed that your voice was perfect for us, but we agreed mostly on that there was some parts where your voice didn't match the right note. 

Terrence: It doesn't matter now because I'm not even in the group. 

Harry: I'm sorry? *smiles* 

Terrence: *cries* I just really wish you would have told me that before or from the beginning so that I could have changed and fixed it. 

Harry: *gets up from his chair and walks to Terrence and hugs him* 

Terrence: *goes backstage* 

Interviewer 1: Terrence, what's going on in your mind right now? 

Terrence: *crying* I just... what Harry told me just now out there. I really wish he could have told me before, so I could had fixed it. I was so close to winning. I was there. I survived the audition, I survived the cuts, and I made it to the finals. I had it, I just don't know what happened. *covers his face with his shirt and walks off to leave the building* 

Simon: Send Nick back out! 

Nick: *wipes his tears* 

Simon: Hello Nick, how are you feeling? 

Nick: I'm actually excited, I can't believe I'm a member of One Direction. 

1D: Welcome to the group! *smiles* 

Nick: Oh my gosh am I really? 

Liam: Yeah you are. *smiles* 

Louis: Honestly, I wasn't a huge fan of you at first, but you improved a lot and that's what caught me onto you. Like there's something about your voice that makes me want to sing with you. *looks at the group* 

Harry: Yeah, like you're the package we needed. 

Nick: *laughs* That is so cool. 

Liam: I said it before and I'll day it again. You wow me. *smiles and then laughs* 

Niall: *laughing* Nick, I just love that you can perform and sing at the same time. You do both so well and it's just what makes you beautiful. *laughs* 

Nick: *laughs* Alright. 

Simon: Well, welcome to One Direction Nick. *smiles* 

Nick: *smiles* 

Interviewer 2: Nick, congrats on winning, what are your feelings right now? 

Liam: *has his arms around nick* How is he feeling, he is feeling better than ever! His dream just came true. *smiles* 

Nick: Oh my gosh, I feel like it's just a dream! I can't believe I'm in One Direction! I can now say this "I'm with the band!" *smiles and walks off with liam* 

(The Next Month) 

1D: *in the studio recording* 

Simon: Nick, you're not hitting the right note. 

Nick: I'm sorry Simon. 

Simon: You have to start doing it correct. The album comes out in a little over a month. You have to be ready and ready to release it. 

Harry: *drinking his water staring at nick with a "dude you suck at learning a brand new song" look* 

Liam: *gives nick a disappointed look* 

Nick: Yeah, I know. 

Louis: Nick, you have to really push yourself and do it correctly this time.  

Harry: Like seriously Nick, we been going over these songs with you like every day for at least five hours and you're still not getting it. 

Nick: *gets mad* I know! I said I'm sorry, can we just start.  

Niall: *looks at nick and then puts on his ear piece and looks at the director* 

1D: *sings in the studio*

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