Find My Way

Find My Way; Kim and Zayn have been together for five years. Everyone thought there relationship was perfect. It was perfect... until one day. Kim woke up and Zayn was gone. She looked far and deep into the ocean, but no signs of him. Everyone started to get worried. Zayn left and no one knows why. He left no clues, no hints, nothing. His house was empty, the calls were dismissed, the text messages are ignored. No one knows where Zayn is. The search for a new member began. Where We Are Tour has started.... Where is Zayn?


1. 1.1

Zayn: Hey babe. *smiles and kisses kim on the cheek* 

Kim: *laughs* Stop. *wipes her cheek* Eww. *laughs again* 

Zayn: Hey that's not nice, I won't kiss you again. 

Kim: *gasp/chuckles* Excuse me? 

Zayn: *smiles* I'm kidding, I love you babe. 

Kim: *walks up to zayn* I love you too. *kisses him* 

Zayn: I bought you something. 

Kim: Really? 

Zayn: *pulls out a ring* It's a promise ring. 

Kim: *smiles big* 

Zayn: *puts it on kims hand* This is a promise ring to tell you that no matter what happens or where I go. I will always come back for you and that I love you. 

Kim: *smiles with tears*  

Zayn: *smiles* Someday, I hope you can become my wife. 

Kim: *chuckles and smiles* I would love to be your wife someday Zayn. This is an amazing start babe. *smiles big* 

Zayn: And it's only gonna get better. *smiles* 

Kim: *laughs and hugs zayn again* 

Zayn: I love you Kim and I don't ever want to lose you. 

Kim: *smiles sad* And I don't ever want to lose you neither, I don't think I would know what to do without you. What if one I wake up and you're gone? 

Zayn: I will never be gone. Well at least not without you.  

Kim: I'm just scared that what if one day I wake up to a call that you're missing. 

Zayn: *looks kim straight in the eyes* I would never go missing or leave anywhere without tell you. *kisses kims forehead* 

Kim: *wraps her arms around zayn* 

Liam: *calls zayn* 

Zayn: *phone rings* Hello? 

Liam: Hey Zayn, where are you? We're all here except for you. 

Zayn: Oh shoot, I'll be there right now. 

Liam: Ok. 

Zayn: *hangs up* Babe, I forgot, I have a meeting to go to. 

Kim: Well what are you waiting for? Go! You're already late, don't make them wait longer. 

Zayn: Ok. *kisses kim* I'll come back for dinner. *smiles*  

Kim: Ok, I'll be home. *smiles* 

Zayn: *smiles and kisses kim again* See you in a bit. *leaves* 

Simon: Boys, you know what's happening right? 

Harry: No? 

Simon: *looks at zayn* 

Zayn: I don't know what's going on. 

Simon: Louis? Liam, Niall? 

Louis: No we don't know what's going on or what's happening. 

Simon: I'm giving you guys a five months off. 

Liam: Really, that's awesome Si. 

Simon: Now just because you guys get five months off doesn't mean you guys get to do whatever you want.  

Louis: Management. Yes, we know. 

Niall: We can still perform if fans request us right? 

Simon: Yes you guys can, but that's only if all of you guys agree. 

Harry: Yeah, of course. I would want to perform for our fans even though we're not required to. 

Simon: Is that right Harry? 

Harry: Yeah, I mean for all they done for us. I would want to do it. 

Simon: Ok, well that's good to know. 

Liam: Just a year or? 

Simon: Yes, so you're free, but again, just keep in mind what I told you guys. 

Louis: *leaving* Got it. 

Zayn: So we're literally on our own for a year now? 

Liam: Yeah from what Simon said. 

Niall: That's great, but I'll miss hanging out with you guys. *chuckles* 

Louis: Niall, of course we'll still be with eachother.  

Zayn: Just not as much. 

Harry: I'm actually excited for Where We Are Tour.  

Louis: Yes! But first we need to record the album. 

Liam: That's true. 

Niall: Alright, so where should we go to celebrate? 

Zayn: I can't, I told Kim I would be home for dinner. 

Liam: We can all eat at your place then. 

Zayn: Um, I don't think Kim made enough for all of us. 

Louis: We'll make it fit. C'mon Niall. *walks off* 

Kim: Oh hey boys? *looks at zayn confused* 

Zayn: I told them, but they didn't listen. 

Kim: That's fine, I made other food to, it should be enough for all of us. 

Louis: Just like I said right Niall? *looks at niall* 

Niall: Yes. *smiles kindly to kim and then Louis* 

Kim: Alright, just have a seat and I'll set up the table. 

Harry: I'll help you. *walks to the kitchen* 

Kim: Thank you?  

Niall: *finishes eating* That was good. *relaxes*  

Zayn: I'm glad you liked it. 

Niall: Is there more? *looks at the group* 

Kim: Actually yes there is, there's a little left in the pan. 

Niall: Can I get it? 

Kim: It's all yours. *smiles* 

Niall: *gets up and gets the rest of the food* 

Zayn: Alright, thank you for coming and joining Kim and I for dinner.  

Liam: No problem, thank you for having us over. 

Louis: Yeah really, thank you. 

Zayn: *chuckles* It was more of Louis's invite, but you're welcome. 

Niall: *laughs* Thanks for dinner. 

Zayn: Thank Kim. 

Niall: Yeah, thanks Kim for letting me eat the rest of the food. 

Kim: *laughs* No problem Niall. 

Niall: *laughing* 

Louis: Alright, see you. 

Zayn: Bye. *smiles* 

Kim: *sits next to zayn on the couch* I wasn't expecting them to all come over, but I'm glad they came and joined us. *smiles* 

Zayn: I'm glad they joined us. It was great, the food was great and... you looked great. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* 

Zayn: I love you Kim. 

Kim: *chuckles softly* I love you too Zayn. 

Zayn: *holds kims hand* 

Kim: *puts her head against zayns shoulder* 

Zayn: Let's watch some movies tonight. 

Kim: Ok. *gets up and puts on a movie* 

Zayn: *gets up and grabs a bottle of water from the fridge*  

Kim: *sits down and plays the movie* 

Zayn: *sits next to kim* 

Kim: *leans in zayns arms* 

Zayn: I want to fall asleep right here tonight. 

Kim: *smiles/chuckles softly* Of course we can. 

Zayn: *smiles and leans his head on kims head* 

Kim: *falls asleep* 

Zayn: *looks at kim and then turns off the tv and takes out his phone/cont. looking at kim and his phone* 

Kim: *wakes up* What are you doing? 

Zayn: Nothing, I didn't want to wake you. I'll be right back, I'm gonna go charge my phone. 

Kim: *tired* Ok. *moves and sleeps on the other end of the couch* 

Zayn: *charges his phone and looks outside* 

Kim: *falls back asleep* 

Zayn: *looks at his phone and unplugs it* 

(A Few Hours Later/Around 6 AM)

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