Jade's parents died in a fire when she was six. She lived with her aunt Elizabeth (Ellie) ever since. Ellie started to date a nineteen year old boy that she met online. His name is Harry Styles. Awkward. Even awkwarder is that she's 40. Harry soon develops a liking for Jade, and Niall, one of Harry's best mates, does too. Which will she choose: Harry or Niall ?


6. Chapter 6

( Niall's POV )

"Ugh. Just once! Just once I want to get the girl. Harry always gets the girls. She was supposed to be mine. Not his. And I will make sure she's mine if its the last thing I'll do." I thought clenching my fist.


I got off the bench and went to my car. I looked around.


"Where the fuck did it go?" I mumbled quietly to myself. I went to grab my phone from my pocket.




"WHY DO BAD THINGS KEEP HAPPENING TO ME!" I yelled and ran to Harry's. It was starting to rain and he lived the closest to here.


( Jade's POV )

I blasted the radio as we drove down the streets of London. I made sure to play the girliest songs I could find. I looked over to Harry who looked annoyed. I smiled at his annoyance. He changed the station and I rolled my eyes. I turned and looked out the window. It was starting to rain. Good thing we're in the car. I'd feel bad for anyone that was out in this weather.

(Niall's POV)

"Okay I'm almost here. I'll just get my keys out now." I thought and turned the corner. I felt around my pocket and found nothing.

"Why me !" I said quietly. I got to the porch and sat on the steps. I was soaking wet. Hopefully Harry will get home soon.

(Jade's POV)


"We're here !" Harry said and walked out of the car.


He opened my car door and grabbed my hand, helping me down. We walked to the porch and I saw Niall. He was soaking wet.


"Oh my god are you okay?" I said and ran up to him.


"Yeah just a little cold." He said.


"Awh come here! We need to go inside and I'll make you some hot chocolate and cookies." I said and lead him into the house.


Little did I know that Harry was going to get jealous.

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