Jade's parents died in a fire when she was six. She lived with her aunt Elizabeth (Ellie) ever since. Ellie started to date a nineteen year old boy that she met online. His name is Harry Styles. Awkward. Even awkwarder is that she's 40. Harry soon develops a liking for Jade, and Niall, one of Harry's best mates, does too. Which will she choose: Harry or Niall ?


3. Chapter 3

A/N: Hey guys! Can you please tell others about this story! I really try hard to write it. Thank you! xx.


(Jade's POV)    


"Finally! My stupid fucking aunt is gone! It's weird being around Harry though. He doesn't really talk. I wish I had a way to make friends right now. I have to stay inside all night with Harry. Good thing I have my computer with me. He's getting ready to go to Ellie's to babysit me. Well he's coming downstairs right now. Byeee xx." I wrote in my diary.  


"What's that?" Harry asked walking over.  


"Nothing you need to worry about. Anyways, why are you babysitting me! I'm eighteen for fucking sake! I just hate Ellie!" I exclaimed.  


"Calm down, Jade. Besides, I'm not THAT bad to be around." Harry said grabbing my suitcase.


 "I got my suitcase just grab Ellie's." I said and stood up.  


"No it's fine I got it." Harry said opening the door and carrying both suitcases.


Ellie shipped our other stuff to the house and Harry and his friends fixed it up. We got into the car and drove to the flat. It was a short drive. Harry got the suitcases from the trunk and handed me his keys.


"Please unlock the door for us. It's the sliver key." Harry said and I walked into the Flat.


I put Harry's keys on the counter. Harry walked inside the house moments after I did and put down the suitcases.


"I'll take my stuff upstairs just put Ellie's stuff in her room." I said and walked upstairs.  


I have to admit the flat was pretty big compared to the house we used to live in. Once I got upstairs I walked into a medium sized room and placed my suitcase on the floor. The room was painted light purple with a wall that was made into a bookcase. My bed was built into the bookcase. I set my suitcase on the bed and opened it I put my diary next to 'The Fault in Our Stars' by John Green. I put my clothes in my dresser but left out a crew neck sweater and some leggings. I put my makeup on top of the dresser. Over the dresser was a huge oval shaped mirror with fairy lights around it. I unpacked all my things and put my suitcase in my closet. I walked back over to my bed and started to undress. I took off my T-shirt and skinny jeans leaving me in just my lace underwear and black bra. Just then Harry opened the door.   


"Ja-" He began. He stepped back and licked his lips, checking me out.  


"Ew! You perv!" I said and pushed him out the door. I hurried and put my clothes on and walked downstairs.  


"What was that for?" I asked Harry, who was now sitting on the couch.  


"I was just looking for you! I didn't know you would be in your bra and underwear when I found you!" He exclaimed.  


"I know. I but you could've at least knocked! Anyways, Do you want to watch a movie? I have plenty upstairs." I said changing the subject.  


"Okay I'll knock next time. Oh and sure." He said and we walked up the stairs.    


(Harry's POV)    


"Hm what should we watch? A romantic? A horror? A comedy?" I thought as we looked through the large selection of movies.  


I chose to watch Saw, Titanic, and Mean Girls; just because I haven't seen it before. Jade was downstairs making tea and popcorn. I continued looking at the shelves and stumbled upon a book that looked like a diary. I looked in it and saw a list of turn ons and turn offs. I studied the page until I heard footsteps. I ripped out the page making sure nothing was on the other side and put it in my back pocket.


(Jade's POV)  


"So what movies are we going to watch?" I asked putting the popcorn and tea by the TV.


 "Mean Girls, Titanic and Saw." Harry replied smirking. Great. I hate horror films. Saw was just a gift from my friend it freaked the shit out of me! I didn't want Harry to know that so I just nodded.  


"Great." I said calmly and placed it in the DVD player.  


I sat down on one of the beanbags in front of the TV and gestured for harry to sit on the one next to me. I looked in the closet for a blanket and to my luck there was. I handed Harry one and took the one I brought with me off the bed. We watched the movie whilst sipping tea and I jumped a lot.  


"Are you scared?" Harry asked smirking.  


"Yeah..." I said shyly.  


"Come here." He said pulling my beanbag closer to his.  


"Don't be scared. I'm here to protect you." Harry whispered in my ear, sending shivers down my spine.  


"Okay..." I said with a smile.  


"Want to watch something else?" Harry asked calmly.  


"Sure." I said and Harry got up.


 He stopped the movie and took it out of the DVD player. He placed Titanic in place of the other movie. He returned back in his spot next to me and put his arm around me. I scooted closer to him and rested my head on his stomach. He made me feel safe. I loved when guys made me feel that way. Then I realized it. I might be falling for Harry.

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