Louis is infactuated with a girl that he met online. He writes songs about this girl she seems perfect. If only he could meet her. Sara on the other hand is deffinatly not a directioner. She does not know that on the other side of the computer sits Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. Sara is a 23 year old women who works a crummy job with crummy people. Sara hates One Direction almost as much as she hates he awful co-worker Becky, who would do anything for 1D.
This book may contain some mature content and it is strongly recomended for readers 15+, also in no way does anything the fictional character 'Sara' may say is not true about our boys. I am a huge Directioner! Also I support Elounor. Anything the fictional Louis may say is also fake.


1. Nine Hours Of Hell

Louis P.O.V.

"You going to be ok?" Asked Zayn

"What do you mean I'll be fine," I replied. I knew what Zayn ment. Just because Eleanor and I broke up doesn't mean they have to treat me like a baby. If anything I'm the one who should be treating them like babies I mean I'm the oldest.

"Well it's just that. I know you just went through a harsh break up and I don't want you calling her or anything," Zayn slowly said mouthing his words back to himself like they didn't make sense. Who does he think he is. Just because everything's going perfect with Perrie and Eleanor didn't work out for me he thinks that he controls all the love life that happens in One Direction.

"Look mate, I'm fine ok. Can you just let Eleanor go? I'm done with her. The more you say her name the more I remember her," I motioned a awkward stance that looked like I was ok but I really wasn't. I missed Eleanor terribly. I can't remember a time when I wasn't with her. Ugh Zayns shit for reminding me.

"I'm sorry, I know you're doing well, sorry to put her back into your head." Zayn firmily Stood up and walked away. The only person that would know how I feel would be Liam. I'm deciding whether or not if I really want to talk to him. I might need it. I'll just forget about it i don't feel like crying right now and I certainly don't feel like talking.

We loaded the plane. I really needed to visit my mum. I love talking to her. She always puts a smile on my face. But we have a nine hour plane ride that I have to sit around and rehearse what to say. So instead of doing that I procrastinated and slept. Before I did that I threatened the boys that if they drew a penis on my forehead I would throw them out the plane. and if they even touch my hair, they wouldn't even live to see what happens next. Hopefully I got my point across. They know I'm not exactly in the best mood I mean it was raining in the United States, My thoat is killing me, and I'm pretty sure somethings up with Liam.

I sometimes like to escape the real world and all its lame problems and excuses and listen to slow songs with my headphones in. I am probably the wierdest person in the world, I'm in a boy pop band and I hardly like pop music. In all fairness people believe that I am quite 'Childish' sometimes it's true. Other times I put on my happy face and pretend everything's okay. Music can say all of that in one song.

Breakup songs are where I'm at now I have over One thousand songs on my iPod and I'm listening to a playlist called 'Sad' in one of the songs it says one line that sounds somewhat familiar and it's 'I don't love you, I'm just passing time.' It's almost my perfect life story song. and I could put on loop for hours and hours, hell I could even play that one line for hours.

I open my eyes and find four boys all up in my face. Turns out they've been yelling at m e to turn down my music for the past half hour.  Harry was almost drooling on me like he was about to turn into hulk. Zayn was chill, Liam was teary eyed and Niall was spilling lettuce all over me from his sandwich.

"You want some?" Niall asked holding up a sandwich which I'm not even sure how he got it.

"Your music was to loud so we turned it down then you woke up." Harry said with some of his words jumbled up. He did talk shit.

"You touched my iPod?" I was a bit angry but that means they know im actually sad.

"Lou we are surprised your eardrums are busted yet that music was louder then directioners!" Zayn exclaimed. I guess my music was a bit loud but it's a soft song so it needs to be loud.

"Look I need loud music to tune everybody else out." I said sounding kinda sassy.

"Suit yourself but put both headphones in okay? There are two for a reason," Zayn said. I guess that was the end of that. I pretty much have every Ed Sheeran song in the playlist called 'Sad' and Almost all of them aren't from '+'  they are downloads I got off Youtube. I bet nobodys ever heard of the song 'Spark' or 'Wayfairing Stranger' but thats just me.

Only six more hours to go. Yay that exciting. Ugh this is the longest plane ride I've ever been on. When we are home I'm throwing my shoes and hugging my mum for nine hours to make up for this gruesome plane ride.

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