Louis is infactuated with a girl that he met online. He writes songs about this girl she seems perfect. If only he could meet her. Sara on the other hand is deffinatly not a directioner. She does not know that on the other side of the computer sits Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. Sara is a 23 year old women who works a crummy job with crummy people. Sara hates One Direction almost as much as she hates he awful co-worker Becky, who would do anything for 1D.
This book may contain some mature content and it is strongly recomended for readers 15+, also in no way does anything the fictional character 'Sara' may say is not true about our boys. I am a huge Directioner! Also I support Elounor. Anything the fictional Louis may say is also fake.


2. I Need A Life.. Badly

Sara's P.O.V.

Summer has been so boring. I feel like the only that I actually did was go to the pool, and check my email. I quickly reached for my phone and dialed the numbers I have been wanting to call all summer. My crush. He was a very popular person and I'm just lucky to even score his number. I was deciding whether or not to call him. After a vigerious fight with myself I decide to text him. I actually met him at a bar. We had been friends in high school.

'Hey It's me. I've been meaning to call you I just never got the chance.'

When I send, I feel like I was ticking time bomb waiting to explode. When almost immediately He texts back:

'Ummm whos this??'

I died, I literally did. I was so beaten down. I live alone in a flat in Doncaster. So over a lot of the time i have nothing to do except work my night job at a mimumin wage pay thats an hour away from where I live. I really needed to get ready for work. I was already six at night. I very slowly put covered my face in makeup. Nobody would see me but I felt like I needed makeup. I brushed my long brunette hair and thought to myself on how badly I needed a haircut. That instantly remined me of my favorite song by Ed Sheeran 'You need to cut your hair.' I put on my work clothes, and only thought of quitting my job.

Driving there was no fun either. Having to listen to a 'One Direction' music special on my radio station. Being a twenty-three year old women I'm not in to little flings like them. I really disliked them all of them and I've never even see them! I just know that they're so annoying. I really didn't want to go to work today, Becky's working. She loves 'One Direction' so much she has posters of them in her cubicle. Guess what she does whenever she's working. She talks about them1 I keep reminding her that shes is a very mature lady and that they're too young for her but she never backs down.

I arrive, late as always. An hour drive is a lot longer without music.

"Guess what guess what?!" Becky screamed. I rolled my eyes in and in the most sarcastic voice I had and I said,

"What Becky?!" She seemed to roll her eyes too but I didn't care as long as I got my point acrossed.

"I going to see 'One Direction!!!!" I had a feeling Becky would say that. It looked like she had been crying. Her nose was red and stuffy and her eyes were teary.

Yay I get to be at the job I hate, with the girl I hate, talking about the boys I hate.

I was always never a fan of Becky.

1. She's Uber pretty!

2. She gets any guy she want.

3. She likes One Direction.

4. Her voice is so annoying.

and 5. She never does her work and I think she screwed our boss!

She just is so annoying and the fact that she can just sit on her desk and play 'Candy crush' on her phone, it just drives me crazy! i swear one day she wore a One Direction shirt to work and guess who gave a fuck? No one but me! If i simply pull out my phone to send a text to a client our boss with give me a warning like I'm in Kindergarten!

"So what are you doing?" Becky poked at my side. I swear she's and eight year old on the inside.

"Working like I'm supposed to," I answered trying not to sound so angry. She seemed to thinkI was so she walked away into a different room. Finally I can actually get some work done so I can leave this hell of a building.

I finally finished but Becky did nothing so I left her a note.

'Done with everything of mine, You need to get stated on yours.'

Becky probably couldn't read, so I made it short and straight to the point. i got in my car and prayed to god that One Direction wasn't playing, thanks a lot god. I turned off the radio and I knew it would be a long ride home! Damn.



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