Even if i could.....

Camy has always thought that love was easy and that she would fall straight into it. But she soon learns that its not that easy when she runs into a boy. And trouble appears at the worst time when her best friend Harry butts in.


22. Sequel time!!!!!

Hey guys!!!! Long time no see!!! Okay so within the next couple weeks i will be putting up a sequel!!! OMG!!!! Right? Anyways, its about Harry moving on after Camy's death. He will also be finding out somethings that Camy hadn't told him. So, its gonna be good! It is called: 

                                               "What's Next? A sequel to Even if i could...."

So, i will let you guys know when i put it on. BYE!!! UNICORN POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




P.S. I love you guys!!!

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