Ayylaa is 19 and has a beautiful baby girl named Corey Drew Grant. She lives on her own now and has a great job working for her dad. Corey is only 9 months old but she's growing fast. Ayylaa starts looking for someone to be with, after all Corey needs a dad too. One day Ayy takes Corey out to the mall with her and bumps into a young man. Is it love at first sight? Or does he need to walk past her again? Read.


4. Visitor

Harry placed his hand on my shoulder so that he could gently push me out of the way. But I'm not okay with being pushed around. Since I have been doing jujitsu since I was 3 years old I grabbed Harry's arm and flipped him over and onto the couch. I heard Harry gasp and I chuckled.

"How do you like me now bitch?!" I screamed at him and stormed in to the kitchen. I saw Louis just standing there with his mouth open. I chuckled and walked over to Liam. I think I might get another lecture. Fuck.

"What happened?" Liam demanded. He look slightly pissed.

"I flipped Harry over the couch cause he went to push me out of the way," I laughed. Then realized Liam was probably gonna get mad.

"Finally someone had the guts to do something," Liam mumbled. I walked over to the pile of groceries that still needed to be put away. I looked back at Liam and he was already staring at me. I giggled and Niall came into the kitchen.

"Ayy where's your Nutella?" he asked. I look at him and smile wickedly.

"I'm Nutelling youuuu!" I screamed. I ran over to the counter and climbed onto it. I was on the island that was in the middle of my kitchen. Niall and Liam looked at each other and laughed. Moments later Louis, Harry and Zayn all raced into the kitchen. Alarmed by my screaming. They stopped dead when they saw me on the counter.

"ALL MY LIFE I'VE BEEN GOOD, BUT NOW WHOAA THINKIN WHAT THE HELL!" I screamed the lyrics to Avril's song. They all looked at each other and then the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it!" I hollered and jumped off the counter running to my front door. I figured it would be the girls but instead it was my ex-boyfriend and the father of Corey. Shit.. I really hoped Travis wouldn't start shit. Not now. Everything is just working out again.

"What are you doing here?" I mumbled not looking him in the eyes.

"I came to see you babe," I could hear him smile.

"Don't call me babe," I hissed. He placed his hand on my cheek. I slapped his hand away.

"But Ayy. I love you and I know you love me," Travis cooed attempting to get a reaction out of me.

"You know very well that I do NOT love you!" I growled. I heard someone behind me. I turned and saw Harry standing there. I gave him a help me look. He came right over and put his arm around me.

"Who's this?" Travis asked. I opened my mouth to respond but Harry beat me to it.

"I'm her boyfriend. Now beat it kid," Harry growled. Travis glared at me and Harry but turned around. Harry and I went back into the house. I closed the front door and gave Harry a huge hug.

"Thank you soo much Harry!" I squealed and hugged him again.

"You're welcome. But I'm still mad at you," Harry chuckled. I got up on my tippy toes and kissed Harry on the cheek.

"Is that better?" I asked. He smiled and nodded. I walked away from him and into the kitchen to put the rest of the stuff away. I saw Niall sitting in a corner with my jar of Nutella and a spoon.

Harry's P.O.V

"You're welcome. But I'm still mad at you," I chuckled. Ayy got up on her tippy toes and kissed my cheek. I felt butterflies erupt.

"Is that better?" she asked. I nodded and smiled. Ayylaa walked into the kitchen and a few minutes later I heard yelling. I ran in the kitchen to see that Ayylaa had Niall pinned down on the floor.

"What's going on?!" I heard Liam ask from behind me.

"I came in here because I heard yelling and saw Ayylaa had pinned Niall down," I explain.

"Niall give my back my Nutella!" Ayy screamed.

"Nerverrr!!" Niall yelled back at her. I walked over to them and grabbed the jar from the both. Ayylaa was up in seconds. She chased me around. I sprinted out the front door almost colliding with Ayy's friends. They looked at me funny until Ayylaa came outside screaming.

"HARRY EDWARD FUCKING STYLES! I WANT MY NUTELLA BACK!" she shrieked. I stopped running and started to laugh. Until Ayylaa tackled me to the ground.

"You won't win," I laughed.

"Think again Styles," Ayy hissed. I looked at my hand where the jar of Nutella was just moments ago. I looked at Ayy and saw her holding the jar.

"Wait. How the hell did you do that?" I asked. She's good.

"I be like a puma!" Ayylaa smiled. She got off of me and walked over to the girls who had seen the whole thing. They started talking and I walked back in the house to see what the boys were doing.

Jade's P.O.V

We all watched as Ayylaa chased around a very attractive guy. She called him Harry so I figured that was his name.

"That guy is really cute," Kira echoed my thoughts.

"Yeah. According to Ayy his friends are just as cute," Alexa smiled.

"Zayn and Niall are off limits," I heard Ayylaa behind us. We turned to her. She still held her jar of Nutella and was eating some as she walked up to us. We all chuckled. That's the Ayylaa we know and love.

"Long time no see babyyyyyy!" Holly squealed wrapping Ayy in a huge bear hug. Holly is dating Ayy's cousin who happens to be Justin Beiber but they rarely see each other.

"Is Jaycakes coming tonight?' Ayy asked looking hopeful. Justin and Ayylaa are really close.

"Yeah he's just picking up some things," Holly replied.

"So is everyone staying the night?" I asked. Ayylaa thought for a second.

"For what I know just you guys and Justin are," Ayy said shoving more Nutella into her mouth.

"Alright. Are the boys inviting anyone?" Alexa spoke up.

"I think they are but I'm not sure. I'll ask them later," Ayy smiled. She started for the house and turned back,

"I'm gonna tell you who is who before we even get in the house. Zayn is the darker one, Harry is the one with curl hair, Liam is the one with hair like Zayn, Louis is the one with the nice ass and Niall is the blonde one who keeps trying to take my Nutella," Ayylaa explain to us all.

Liam's P.O.V

"Guysssss!" I heard Ayylaa yell from the game room. I walked into the game room and saw a bunch of girls and Justin.

"Hey Justin! What you doing here?" Niall asked coming up behind me. Justin pointed to Ayylaa with one hand and to one of the girls with the other hand.

"Justin is my cousin and he's also Holly's man," Ayy explained. She looked around and made sure that all of us boys were in the room.

"But I need to introduce you guys to the girls," she added. All 4 of them stood up and Ayylaa started with Holly. Holly had red hair with brown eyes. Jade who was beside Holly looked a lot like Ayy. The both had light brown hair with green eyes, but Ayylaa was taller and Jade had a nose ring. Alexa who was next to Jade had blonde hair with pink and black in it and multiple piercings. If these girls are anything like Ayylaa, tonight is gonna be a hell of a good time.


I hope you guys enjoy. If you have any ideas or anything to say, please comment. I love you guys and you make writing so worth it! I'm gonna make a chapter just of what the girls look like. They all have tattoos and I'll add pictures of those too.

Love you my little Shaibearss!

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