My Big brother Harry

A little girl named Cary who was found in the streets by Harry Styles mom and took her home. Her mom gave her up for adaption before she died by her dad.


9. Mad

                                                         *Cary P.O.V*
 The next day I come from school the girl who hated One Direction came up to me "Did you bring it?" She asked as her friends around me like I owned her money. "No I forgot I bring it tomorrow." I explained calmly "Today is her birthday and I want it today!" She ordered "Calm down." I sighed "I'll bring it don't worry." I said with a smile. I walked away but then I feel someone pull my whole hair I turn back "What the hell?!" I said confused. She pushed me making me fall to the floor "I want it now!"  "well your not going to get in that tone." I said sounding like Harry when I rise my voice at him "Well smart ass give it to me after school or else." she threaten.

 School was over and I walked home with Elena, we were talking in till that girl who keeps bugging me about that photo. "Were you going?" She asked "Home?" I gave her the 'no duh' face "To get the your brother to sigh it right?" She sounded nice? "Yeah" I smile just because she sounded nice. All three of us walked to my house.

I got home and quickly looked around the room for Harry but it was only me in the house. "Sorry...." I said but stopped "I never got your name." I said "Oh it's Beth" "Oh...Well Beth, Harry isn't here am sorry." I frown "Can we wait?" She asked politely "yeah of course!" I smiled and welcomed her inside. The house was not that big it was just a regular house with 6 bedrooms. We just sat there talking and I guess Beth wants to be friends since she being really nice to me and Elena. "I'm going to check if Harry is outside wanna come?" I asked Elena and Beth "Yeah sure but I'm going to the bathroom first." Elena walking to the stairs to go to the bathroom between my room and Harry's "I'll go." Beth said

We walk outside my door way and just waited. We sat down in the sidewalk. We didn't talk. "Were is he? I need to go home soon." Beth said in a worry voice "I'll call him." I took out my phone and dial his number "Harry doesn't answer his phone" I said when Elena sat next to me "Harry still isn't here yet?" Elena said  "Yeah I don't know what is talking him so long" I took out my phone checking what time it is. It 4:53 pm. Harry comes home at 3:40. "Okay this is talking way to long!" Beth raised he voice "Well what time are you-" Beth grab my arms and stared at me in the eyes "Were. Is. He." She was angry "Just because I'm his sister doesn't mean I know were he is every 5 seconds." I said. She walk around in a small circle mad. "Argh!" Beth yelled pulling her hair. I watch a little tantrum Beth had. She walked towards me and pushed me. I fell, hitting my head in the concrete. "Beth! What was that for!" Elena yelled at her. That got her more mad.

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