When Liam finds the girl of his dreams, she stops him dead in his tracks. She's perfect. Long blonde hair, brown eyes, a pretty smile. There's only one thing stopping him from getting to know her better; she doesn't talk. When her mother and younger sister passed away, Ashton fell into a deep depression that she never quite got out of. She didn't want to talk to anyone about what happened; especially not the therapists her grandparents signed her up for. So, she didn't. She vowed not to talk about the accident ever again. Can Liam find a way to bring out the voice that was buried with Ashton's mom and sister?


7. 7.

     I wake up with a start. I had a nightmare about my mom and sister. I usually get them quite often, but I didn't even think about it happening at Liam's. I glance at his alarm clock and it says 2:36 a.m. I try to calm myself but I can't stop shaking. I sit up and pull the covers around myself, trying to warm up. I feel movement beside me but don't even think twice about it. I start breathing deeply in attempt to stop shaking and sniffling. Suddenly I'm pulled down on top of Liam so my stomach is pressed to his and our foreheads are touching. 

     "Hey, hey. Calm down. I've got you. Now what's the matter?" he whispers sleepily. I sniffle. "Bad dream?" I nod awkwardly, being that my face is against his. "Okay, well it's okay. I'll keep you safe." Liam kisses me passionately and rolls over so that he's on top of me. "Have I told you how much I love kissing you?" he asks, before showing me just how much. He lays down next to me again and I settle into him and kiss his neck. "Goodnight," he whispers.

the next morning

     "Good morning, sleeping beauty," Liam whispers whilst shaking me awake. I grumble and pull the covers over my head. "Fine, no kisses for you," he teases. Immediately the covers are down around my waist. He smirks. I lean forward and pucker my lips jokingly. He hops onto the bed, takes my head in his hands and kisses me. He rolls over so I'm laying on top of him and he's got one hand on my waist and one on my back. I wish I could start out everyday like this, I think happily. After our makeout session, he throws me over his shoulder and hauls me to his kitchen for breakfast. He'd made pancakes and had it all laid out so that everything was ready. Syrup, whipped cream, even chocolate chips. 

     "I thought maybe you'd like it," Liam says, rubbing the back of his neck. I nod my head. I was in heaven. I piled three pancakes on my plate, slathered on butter and syrup, and topped it off with whipped cream and a handful of chocolate chips. Liam did the same but with five pancakes instead of three. We eat until our plates are clean and then wash the dishes together. By the time we were done, It was only 10:14 a.m. so there was plenty of time left in the day to do something.

     "Want to go bowling?" Liam asks as we brainstorm ideas on what to do. I shake my head no. I'm horrible at bowling. "Hm, okay. How about..a film?" I debate whether I want to or not, then nod my head yes. "Great," he says with a smile. "Which one?" We browse through the selection the theater had and decide on Despicable Me 2. Since we both like Toy Story, why not another animated movie for children? We pick the one o'clock showtime, so we have about two hours to kill before we leave. We spend that time eating random junk and watching television, with a few kisses throughout. 

     After both getting ready for approximately twenty minutes, we leave to our movie. When we get there, the theater is practically empty because the movie has been out for a while now. We settle down and wait for the commercials. As we do, Liam makes random one sided small talk, which makes me feel bad that I don't talk to him but happy because he's trying so hard. Once the show starts, the time passes quickly, and before I know it, the movie is over. 

     "Did you like it?" Liam asks with a sweet smile as we walk to his car. I nod my head yes. It was an adorable movie. "Good," he says, satisfied, and intertwines his hand with mine. We get into his car and speed away from the theater. "I don't want you to leave," Liam whines. I think for a moment. Why not have him stay at my house? Grandma is still in America and I have the house to myself. The only problem is, I don't know how to tell him what I'm thinking. I point at myself and try to draw a house with my finger. Then I press my hands together like I'm praying and lay my head on them and shut my eyes, imitating sleep. Lastly, I point to Liam. 

     "Wait..you want me to stay over at your place?" How did he even understand what I said? I nod vigorously. He smiles and agrees to. He drives us to my place and parks on the street. When I get out of my car, he picks me up and carries me to my door, only putting me down to unlock it. When I open it, he lifts me up again and asks where my room is. I point down, to the basement. My room is the only one down there, besides the storage room. Liam bounces down the stairs with me still in his arms, laughing the whole time. 

     "Here?" he asks, gesturing to my room's door. I nod. He pushes it open with his foot since I didn't fully shut it. He throws me onto my bed playfully and sprawls out on top of me, showering me with kisses. "I like your room," he compliments, before kissing my neck. 

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