When Liam finds the girl of his dreams, she stops him dead in his tracks. She's perfect. Long blonde hair, brown eyes, a pretty smile. There's only one thing stopping him from getting to know her better; she doesn't talk. When her mother and younger sister passed away, Ashton fell into a deep depression that she never quite got out of. She didn't want to talk to anyone about what happened; especially not the therapists her grandparents signed her up for. So, she didn't. She vowed not to talk about the accident ever again. Can Liam find a way to bring out the voice that was buried with Ashton's mom and sister?


4. 4.

     I move my head in a circle, mouth gaping open, following the pizza Liam waved in front of my face. "Come on, you've almost got it!" Liam teases me. Right when I'm about to take a bite, Liam holds his hand above his head. "Ohh!" he taunts, laughing. I smile at him. "You're still cute, even when you're making silly faces," Liam says. He puts his pointer finger on my nose when he says "cute." I tilt my head back and bite his finger playfully. "Ah, she's got me!" Liam exclaims. I giggle and release my hold on him. 

     We'd been hanging out at Liam's flat since 7, and it was now 11. We got on and somehow learned a lot about each other, even without me saying one word. I want to talk to Liam..but I can't bring myself to. He pulls the pretend yawn-and-put-your-arm-around-her move, and my thoughts fade away. Ahh, I could stay like this forever, I thought, as I settled back into his hold. Smiling, I turn to Liam and kiss his cheek. He turns to face me and just smiles. "Are you happy?" Liam questioned. I nod excessively, making him chuckle. "Good," he sighs, gently nudging my head to the side with his own. His lips find my jawline. "So, who's your favorite character in this movie?" 

     I wait until slinky dog comes on and point at him. "The dog?" I nod in confirmation. I point at him, wondering who his was. "Probably Woody. He's really brave." I smile at his answer. "You know, Ashton, I bet you have a really pretty voice." Liam says, absentmindedly. "Why don't you use it?" 

     Shit. How do I respond? Well, my sister and mom died and I don't feel like talking, so I don't? That sounds so weird. There's so much more to it, but I can't exactly explain it without telling him. So I pull out my phone and start typing out a note. "i can explain someday. but that day isn't today. i can't explain it without using my voice." I pass him my phone and watch his face eagerly for his reaction. I really hope he understands. "Well, I guess we'll play the waiting game," Liam jokes with a smile. He looks at me and I smile in approval. I nuzzle my head into the crook of his neck as he squeezes me closer to him and runs his fingertips over my shoulder. 

     He kisses the top of my head, taking me by surprise. Not that I didn't like it, because I did. A lot. My hand wanders to his chest and I trace the outline of a heart where I imagine his to be. After that becomes tedious, I pull the blanket we share up to my chin and close my eyes. I take a minute to embrace the feeling of this moment. And Liam's smell. Infatuated by his scent, I didn't even realize that the movie ended until I heard him clear his throat. 

     "You know, it's getting kind of late, so I don't think we'll have time to watch number two and three," Liam announces. I gasp and look at him, mock horror on my face. He tries to hold back his smile, but it creeps through anyways. I shrug, nonchalantly. "I guess we have to continue this another night?" I grumble but nod my head yes. I didn't want to leave his warmth, his presence. I stand up and exaggerate my stretching. As I raise my arms above my head, Liam takes the opportunity to wrap his around my waist. He slides one hand up a bit farther than the other, so one's in the middle of my back, and one's above my butt. He closes the gap between us and presses his forehead to mine. 

     "I hope you had as much fun as I did tonight," he whispers. I hope he has a mop, because I'm about to become a puddle. I finally nod, my delayed reaction making Liam smirk. "Good," he says, dipping his head down to kiss my cheek. His puffy lips burn sweetly on my skin. As they leave, he keeps his cheek almost pressed to mine and whispers again. "You look beautiful, by the way." Yeah, time for that mop. I smile as sweetly as I can. Damn, I could already tell this boy is a huge tease on date numero uno

     "I better get you home," he sighs. He removes his arms from around me. I'm awestruck, and Liam has to grab my hand and drag me to the coat room with a huff. "Get your shoes on, love. It's quite late and I don't want to keep you up." I smile at him in appreciation and bend down to slip on my Vans. As I straighten myself up and pat my hair down, Liam opens the door for me. "Ladies first," he winks. I curtsy and he laughs. I could really get used to that laugh. 

     As he drives down the road, I watch his house fade in the rearview. We sit in comfortable silence until he reaches my house. I reach for my door handle, but immediately get stopped by Liam. "No." He exits the car, jogs around to my side, and opens my door for me. I giggle and he winks. He walks me to the door of my flat. "This was a good first date, I had fun. And I surely hope it's not the last," Liam hints. My turn to be a tease. I place my hands on his hips. The movement ruffles his shirt up a little and one of my hands is on his bare skin. I don't know about him, but that feeling is electrifying to me. I stand on my tiptoes and plant a lengthy kiss on his jawline, right under his earlobe. 

     As I step away, Liam looks confused. Then his face transforms and I can tell he understands my game. I wink at him and he cocks his head at me. "You're one interesting girl, Ash," he says smugly while backing down my steps. I nod my head and wave a little goodbye. "I'll see you soon, love," he calls as he reaches his car door. He starts his engine, honks, and drives out of my vision. I smile and open the door to my flat. 

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