He's Irresistible (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Lacey didn't know that she would meet him. How could she? He was famous and she was normal. That didn't stop her from meeting him that fateful day. Harry had invaded her heart and dreams along with the rest of One Direction. Will their love blossom or will it be torn apart?


34. Packing

Lacey’s POV

            I grab my car keys and clothes from Harry’s flat and I rush home. I run through my door and straight to my room. I yank my huge suitcase from my closet and I grab my medium suitcase too. I start going through my clothes. I pack a bunch of shirts, lots of my skinny jeans, some normal jeans, underwear, bras, socks, a few dresses, and two jackets into my huge suitcase. In my medium suitcase, I put in a few pairs of shoes, my makeup, hair stuff, contact case, glasses, shower stuff, and my laptop. I throw some books, movies, and snacks into my backpack. I change into a pair of black skinny jeans, and the pink shirt that Hylah let me have the other day. I slip on my sparkly pink converse and brush my hair out. Since it was curled yesterday, it’s really wavy and falls perfectly today. I add some light makeup and take my suitcases out to my car.

            After I have everything packed and ready, my phone goes off.

            “Hello?” I ask.

            “LACEY!!!!!!!! WE’RE GOING ON TOUR WITH ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!” Hylah screams into my ear.

            “I know! I’m so excited. This is what we have dreamed about since we were in high school,” I say with a smile on my face.

            “You should come over and help me pack. Niall is a bit upset though,” she says quietly.

            “Why is Niall upset? Harry said that Anetha was able to go too,” I say confused.

            “That’s why he’s upset. He came over with Zayn earlier and he told her that he wanted to take her with him. She told him that she couldn’t go because she had her job to think about. So she isn’t going with us and I think they might break up because of it,” Hylah explains.

            “Well that sucks. I’ll be over in a little bit to help you pack. See you in a few,” I say.

            “See ya,” Hylah says before she hangs up.

            I text Niall as quickly as I can before I get ready to leave.

To Nialler: I’m so sorry, Niall. I’m sure everything will work out :)

From Nialler: It’s ok. We hadn’t really talked since that first night anyway. I don’t know what I was expecting.

To Nialler: At least you’re ok.

From Nialler: Yeah, and I’ll have you and Hylah to hangout with :)

To Nialler: Yupp :)

            I get in my care and head over to Hylah’s house. I pull into the driveway and walk up to the front door. I knock and she opens the door quickly. We walk back to her room and get her bags packed. She brings the same amount of clothes as me and we get her packed quickly since we are working together. When we are done, I notice that it’s 1:30 already.

            “Do you want to go get something to eat? Just the two of us?” I ask her.

            “That sounds great. We haven’t had lunch together alone in quite a while,” she says with a smile.

            We put her bags into her car and then we hop into mine. We drive to Milkshake City and we get two One Direction milkshakes and some burgers and fries. We sit in my car, listen to music, eat, and laugh. It’s nice to just sit and spend time with her. I really have missed her, but it’s over too soon and we have to leave. I drop her back off at her house, she leaves to go to Zayn’s, and I head back to Harry’s. Today has been awesome and I’m hopeful that it will stay that way as I drive back.

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