He's Irresistible (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Lacey didn't know that she would meet him. How could she? He was famous and she was normal. That didn't stop her from meeting him that fateful day. Harry had invaded her heart and dreams along with the rest of One Direction. Will their love blossom or will it be torn apart?


3. Meeting

            Suddenly, Harry turns, thankfully looking down, and begins walking towards me. His hands are in the pockets of his shorts. Slowly, I begin to slide back into the water so he won’t see me, but apparently I should have been moving faster. As I was turning away, someone grabbed the hand that was still on the dock and wouldn’t let me move. Finally I get the courage to look up at the person holding me back from leaving. I meet the purest green eyes, feel a blush rising in my cheeks, and look away from Harry quickly.

            Instead of letting go of my hand he says, “Please, don’t do that.”

            “Don’t do what?” I ask nervously while turning to face him.

            “Don’t make those pretty green eyes disappear again”, Harry says while flashing his gorgeous smile. Despite my best efforts, I can’t help it as I smile back shyly. “That’s even better”, he says as he reaches out for my other hand.

I take his hand and allow him to help me up onto the dock. “His hands are so warm and strong”, I think to myself, since he is still holding onto one of my hands, even though I’m safely standing on the dock now.

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