He's Irresistible (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Lacey didn't know that she would meet him. How could she? He was famous and she was normal. That didn't stop her from meeting him that fateful day. Harry had invaded her heart and dreams along with the rest of One Direction. Will their love blossom or will it be torn apart?


45. First Show!

Lacey’s POV

            They boys just ran out on stage, and Hylah and I are screaming just as much as all the other girls. I don’t think I could ever get used to the fact that my boyfriend is HARRY FREAKING STYLES! I watch them as they get the crowd warmed up and get ready for the first song. Hylah and I groan as the music starts playing. The first song is “What Makes You Beautiful”. I’ve never really cared for this song. It’s my least favorite, but it’s a little better when Harry turns and smiles at me. I smile back and wave at him. His smile widens and he turns towards the crowd again. They finish the song and the girls go crazy. I turn to face Hylah. I hug her and we jump up and down like giddy teenagers. I pull away from her and before I can turn around an arm wraps around my waist and is pulling me away.

            I look over my shoulder and see that Harry is bringing me onstage with him. “What are you doing?” I ask him nervously.

            He doesn’t answer me and keeps walking onto the stage. He’s silent until we get to center stage and he raises his microphone. “This is my amazing girlfriend, Lacey! I have a surprise for her and for you guys! The boys are giving me a little time for myself and I’m going to do something special,” he says without letting me go.

            “Harry? What’s going on?”

            He looks at me and smiles, “This is for you. I’ve finally found you, and I never want to lose you. I love you.”

            The adoring sighs can be heard from most of the crowd as I look at him and smile. He keeps his arm tight around my waist and starts to sing “Don’t Let Me Go”. I stare at him and start to tear. He looks directly into my eyes and slowly dances me around the stage as he sings to me.

            He stops suddenly and sings a little quieter, “Don’t let me go, ‘cause I’m tired of sleeping alone.” When he finishes the song he puts both arms around me and dips me backwards as he gives me a slow passionate kiss. I wrap my arms around his shoulders and kiss him back as the crowd erupts in screams and “Awwwees”.

            He brings me back up and pulls away, “Best first show, ever,” he says with a smile as I blush and quickly move off the stage back to where Hylah is. I watch the rest of the show with butterflies in my stomach that only get worse every time he looks at me. If this is how the concerts are with him as my boyfriend, I definitely won’t ever miss one.

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