Mr McCann


2. Chapter 2

Madison’s Pov 

    I slowly got out of the car and handed the keys to Charlie. She had asked me if it was okay if she used the car to go shopping while i was at the interview. I walked to the entrance of the building. I was extremely nervous it felt like my heart was going to come out of my chest. I slowly walked up to the front desk where a woman with a black dress was seated. 

“Hello how may i help you?” the woman said looking up from her computer 

“Hi im Madison Reed i have a job interview..” i answered her nervously

“Okay hold on once second.” she said while picked up the phone and dialed a number

“Hello Angela Ms Reed is here for her job interview.” she said 

“Okay will do” she said into the phone then hanging up 

“Mr McCann is running late in a meeting but he will be with you shortly. just go up the elevator to floor 6 and Angela will show you to his office where you can wait for him.” she said giving me a smile 

“Thank you” i said then turning around making my way to the elevator 

I felt like i was going to have a heart attack because of how nervous i was. What if they don’t like me what if i don't get the job. I need this job. 

The elevator soon came to a stop and the doors opened. I took one last deep breath before stepping out. I walked up to a desk where a tall blonde woman was waiting for me with a smile.

“Hello Ms Reed come this way” she said leading me through the halls stopping in front of a pair of huge double doors. 

She pushed one open just enough for me to walk through it.

“Mr McCann will be with you shortly he was just held up at a meeting but he should be here in about 10 minutes or so.” she said giving me a smile 

“Okay thank you” I replied with a smile 

“Would you like anything to drink while you wait for Mr McCann?” she asked 

“Oh no thank you im fine” i said

“Okay if you need anything ill be down the hall” she said before she disappeared out of the room. 

When she left i turned around and saw the office had a huge window with a beautiful view of Toronto. I slowly walked to the window mesmerized by the view. I slowly brought my hand up to the window almost touching it before a voice interrupted me.

“Beautiful view isn't it?” a voice said behind me 

I quickly turned around finding a tall man standing in front of the double doors. He was very handsome, he had a defined jaw line with plump pink lips and hazel eyes. His hair was dirty blonde and perfectly styled. He was stunning. 

"Hello I'm Jason McCann" he said with a smile

His smile nearly made me fall to the ground it was so beautiful. 

"Hi I-Im Madison Reed" I said a bit nervous 

He then reached out his hand and i did the same shaking his hand. 

"Why don't you take a seat and we can start this interview" he said motioning to the chair behind me 

I quickly sat down waiting for him to start speaking again his voice was so sexy I loved the sound of it.

"Let's start this interview shall we" 

*Jason's Pov* 

Finally I was done with that stupid meeting. It was honestly pointless. I made my way to the front desk where Angela was seated. 

"Anyone call while I was at the meeting?" I asked Angela 

"No but the girl for the interview is in your office waiting for you" she said looking up at me with a smile 

"Okay thank you" I said walking away towards my office 

I slowly opened the door and stepped in finding a girl looking out the window behind my desk.  

Her back was facing me so all I could see was her long brown hair. I watched her look out the window for about 5 minutes. She just stood there still looking out the window. I decided it was time for me to talk. 

“Beautiful view isn't it?” I said quietly 

She turned around a bit startled by my presences. 

She stood there with out saying a word so I took this time to look at her and take in her features. 

She was a shorter then me and very skinny. She had long eye lashes and beautiful eyes they were almost like a green blue color. She had beautiful pink lips and a small button nose. She was beautiful. I decided to break the silence because I knew she wasn't going to say thing until I did. 

"Hello I'm Jason McCann" i said with a smile

"Hi I-Im Madison Reed" She said sounding a bit a bit nervous 

I then reached out my hand and she did the same shaking my hand. 

"Why don't you take a seat and we can start this interview" I said motioning to the chair behind her 

I waited for her to sit down to start talking again. 

"Let's start this interview shall we" I said giving her a smile 

"So Ms Reed where are you from? It is Ms right? " I asked 

"Ohh I'm from here in Toronto and yes it is" she replied 

"Aha so do you have experience with being an assistant?" I asked 

"Umm yeah" she hesitantly answered 

*about 30 minutes later* 

I sat there asking her question after question. She told me about wanting to move to California and start a professional dancing career and everything. Through out the interview I could tell she had gotten a bit more comfortable with me but was still intimidated by me. 

"Okay so I think that is it for now ill have Angela call you tomorrow to give you a time to be here so we can go over your job description better and for you to sign a couple of things " I said getting up out of my chair 

"Wait does that mean I got the job" she asked a bit surprised 

"Yes as long as you agree with everything in the job description and you sign the things you need to sign" I said 

"Thank you so much Mr McCann!" She exclaimed 

"You're welcome Ms Reed." I said walking towards the door "come on ill walk you out" 

She walked in front of me untill we got to the elevator she turned around and shook my hand. 

"Thank you once again Mr McCann ill see you tomorrow" she said sweetly 

"Ill see you tomorrow" I said giving her a smile 

The elevator door opened and she soon disappeared. She was such a beautiful and sweet girl. 

During the interview she would occasionally bit her lip making me go crazy and wanting to just grab her face and kiss her but I had to have self control. 

I really hoped she said yes to the job because I wanted her as my assistant



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