She's not just a maid..

Lily's a 19 year old college student living alone in an apartment in London. She works as a part-time maid for some rich peoples mansion. She has never met the home owners though. What happens when she does?


9. Chapter 9.

Lily's POV

"Ahem" I heard someone say in a gruff voice.

Me and Zayn pulled apart quickly.

"Oh hi Harry." I try to say casually, I fail.

"Lily can I talk to you in private" Harry asks me.

"Sure" I tell him.

"What was that?" he wispers angrily.

"What was what?" I ask innocently.

"You know what!" he tells me.

"Oh you mean Zayn"

"Yeah I thought you liked me Lily and then I find you kissing Zayn..." He trails off.

"Look Harry, I do like you but I like Zayn too I just need all of you to quit messing with my emotions so I can find out who I want to be with" I tell him.

"Lily I want you to pick me" he tells me "but I'm willing to wait for you to come to me. Ill leave you alone until you chose and Ill tell the boys also."

"Thank you Harry" I say kissing him on the cheek.

I walk off to find my new best friend. Louis.

Harry's POV

I was looking for the boys. Thinking about Lily and Zayn. That should have been me I think angrily. I find them. Except Louis he's gone, whatever, he isn't apart of this anyways. I start telling them what Lily told me. We all mutually agree to leave her alone. I can tell we are all going to do our best to persuade her to pick our self.

Lily's POV

I finally found Louis and told him all about what happened. He suggested that I move in with the boys and get to know them all better. So making my choice will be easier. I agreed and we went to ask the boys what they thought. All of the boys agreed and decided that tomorrow they were all going to help me move in. I spent the night again but this time I went to sleep on the couch. I fell asleep more confused then I have ever been in my entire life.


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