She's not just a maid..

Lily's a 19 year old college student living alone in an apartment in London. She works as a part-time maid for some rich peoples mansion. She has never met the home owners though. What happens when she does?


7. Chapter 7.


A/N Hey guys im Becka another co author! I hope you enjoy this chapter, i have not wrote in a while but im going to do my best:) hope you like it 


Lily's POV

Whoa my head is spinning. Liam, Niall, Zayne AND Harry asked me out, what am i going to do? Zayne is with Perrie so why'd he ask me out? Im starting to get a headache. I was thinking to myself and didnt notice Louis in front of me. 'Hey Lilly. You okay?' he asked.

'Yeah im okay i guess, mostly confused' i replyed. 

'No, your not okay. Come tell Louis whats wrong' he said

I told him everything about the guys asking me out and not knowing what to do. He listend really well. He gave me advice and said we could all go one a group date and spend a lil time with one of them. But they would just think we are all just chilling. It was really a great idea and it just might work.

'Thanks Louis! You're the best.' i gave him a hug.'But where would we all go?'

'There's a carnival going on down the street in a old farming field, how about there?' he asked.

'Sounds like a plan my man' i said.

'what?' he asked with a funny look on his face.

'Nevermind haha' i said 

I though to my self, Louis and i could be really close friends if we try. He reminds me of an older brother but also a best friend. If you know what i mean.

Louis's POV

I was talking to Lily and we totally forgot about the guys calling us for breakfast. 'Hey Lily the guys are calling us to eat'.

'Oh crap i didnt hear them haha' Lily said.

we both make our way downstairs to eat and i look up and all the guys are giving me the death stare. 'What?'  i asked.

'Louis, what was taking you so long?' Zayn asked annoyed.

'Lily was in the bathroom and tripped and i was making sure she was okay.' i stated.

Then everyone looked at Lily and i gave her a -just go with it- look. She said that she was okay and i was helping her like the best friend i am. But i want to be more than friends thoug- No Louis! you are with Eleanor, Eleanor , Eleanor . You love her and you are just not thinking right. Lily is a friend and only like her as one, i hope.. Everyone seemed to believe it. Harry seems really annoyed mostly because he called dibs but no ones following that rule.

Lily's POV 

So theres an awkward silence, i look at Louis and he nods, telling me to ask. 'Hey guys, i heard there a carnival going on down the street. I was wondering if you all would wanna go?' I asked.

'Yeah sounds fun!' Niall said. 'I'm down for it' Liam says. 'Sure ' Zayn replied. 'Sure babe,' Harry said with a wink. Gosh, hes cheeky, wait what am i saying. He flirts with every girl he doesnt mean it right?

* * * * *  **  Later that day * * * *** * * * * * *  

Harry's POV

ugh, it's like they dont know what calling dibs means! But hey we are going to the carnival maybe i'll be able to sneak her away for a bit. Maybe ill get her to be mine. Well i need to wash up, if im ganna be with her all day. I get in the shower and wash my hair, gosh sometimes its a pain having my hair but girls like it. I dry off and i put on my white converse and skinny jeans and a white v-neck and my airplane necklace. and im ready to go. i walk out of my room and everyone's ready and Lily went and got changed and came back and she looks amazing. She noticed me looking and blushed and i looked away.

---- Skipping Car Ride ------

Lily's POV

Whats up with everyone? They seem like annoyed with each other and try to flirt with me. Well we finally got here and got our tickets. 


'Dude didnt you JUST eat?' Liam asked.

'Yeah and now im hungry again.'Niall stated with some sassiness.

'How bout we go on some rides!?' Louis screamed asked.

Harry said he wanted to take me one the Ferris Wheel. i said sure and we went in line.

'This will be fun Lily.' Harry said. and out an arm around my waist. we got on and we stopped at the top. i look down and all the others are M.I.A and i turn to Harry. His green eyes.. are like captivating and suck you in. He starts smiling and his cute dimples are showing. He puts his arm around me and i blush a little.'I'm happy i got to finally meet our maid,'Harry said.

'i'm happy i finally know whos house im cleaning,'i reply.

He smiles and laughs a bit. We are staring into each others eyes and its like its only us anf no one else. He starts to lean in and i do also. The moment our lips touch its like fireworks go off and my tummy is doing flips. We both pull away smiling. It starts moving again and we got off. And Louis is standing there saying that Liam and Niall And Zayn want me to go some rides with them....


A/N So whats ganna happen? Who do you think shes ganna fall for? What will happen when shes with the others? Update coming soon:) follow me on twitter :@reinecke_becka or instagram @beckareinecke . I hope yoou liked it, feedback is always good. Like and Favorite and Comment! and hope to write for you guys soon :)





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